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Source: Lonely planet

Do you still need a reason to visit Japan this year? What about seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms? Do not just enjoy the pictures on the internet. You should witness the blooming season and find out why Japanese people always celebrate it at festivals.

Hanami Traditional Festival in Japan

Hanami literarily has a meaning of viewing flowers. It is an annual ancient tradition in Japan to welcome spring and is now known more as cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. Aristocrats over a thousand years ago used to enjoy just looking at the blooming flowers and write poems.

Unlike the ancient times, Hanami Sakura Festival today is celebrated in the much simple way. You will find thousand people gathering under the cherry blossom trees with foods and drinks. It looks more like picnic competition. Many of them even come one day before just to secure the nicer spots to capture the beautiful blooming sakura with their own eyes. Will you find a spare place? It is time to find out.


Best Times to See Chery Blossoms in 2018

The blooming season of cherry blossoms is quite tricky. You may come too early or even have already missed the dates. There are two reasons why. First, it is the unpredictable weather. If it is milder before spring comes, the flowers will bloom earlier.

Second, the reason is the longitude. Normally, Sakura blooming starts from the southernmost parts of the country due to its warmest weather, then slowly moves its way to the north. Take, for example, beginning from Kyoto and Osaka before happening in Sapporo.

Fortunately, as a tourist, you do not need to have forecast knowledge background. Experts have made the prediction of Hanami Sakura 2018. The information has been widely spread throughout the world, expecting enthusiastic tourists to not miss the dates.

The blooming season in 2018 has been predicted to be 2 to 3 days earlier than the last year. Okinawa is known as the first city where Sakura starts to bloom from the end of January to the second week of February.

If you have missed those dates, you still can go to southern cities like Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Osaka, and Yokohama as the season will take place from March 22nd to 31th. Otherwise, you should visit Fukushima, Kanazawa, Niigata or Sendai to see cherry blossom in the first and second week of April.

Then, if you still can’t take some days off from your routines, you are still able to enjoy hanami festival at the end of April in Matsumae and Hakodate or the beginning of May in Sapporo.


Are You Ready to Go to Japan?

Now you have known when you should visit Japan to take a part in its annual tradition of viewing the blooming of cherry blossoms with locals. If you wish to find the best spots, popular places of hanami from 2017 report can be great recommendations.

There are many of them. But if you want to know which places with the highest visit number, about 2 million visitors recorded, you can pick Kawazu Izu Sakura in Shizuoka, Hirosaki Castle in Aomori and Ueno Park in Tokyo. Or you can simply follow the predicted blooming dates.

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