Your Personal Guide to Chiang Mai Airport Terminal

Chiang Mai Airport is the main airport in the Northern Thailand region. Chiang Mai Airport international flights and domestic exist, so the Chiang Mai Airport terminal is an important aspect when you arrive from the departure area or arrival area.

So that you don’t get confused when you are in the airport area, especially when looking for Chiang Mai Airport terminals, you can read a complete explanation of the location and facilities in the following article.

Chiang Mai Airport Terminal

Chiang Mai Airport Terminal

Chiang Mai Airport departures and arrivals are located in the same terminal building, which is located at 60 Thanon Mahidol, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Because it is in the same building, each passenger will be fine when looking for Chiang Mai Airport arrivals and departures. Both are directly connected so that you can walk to the terminals.

This terminal building is separated into two areas to handle domestic flights on the airport’s north side. In contrast, the international Terminal is in the southern area.

Because they face each other, the arrival and departure areas are on the same floor. The arrival area for each airport is on the ground floor. Meanwhile, the departure area for the international and domestic floors is at a level above it.

To find out what services and facilities you will find in each Terminal, you can listen to the explanation in the next section,

Chiang Mai Airport Domestic Terminal

Chiang Mai Airport Terminal

The Domestic Terminal is on the north side of the terminal building and consists of ground and first level. 

The ground level is the area for domestic arrivals. Lounge, retail, currency, post office, customs, and other services are also available here. The first Level is the domestic departure area. There are lounges, restaurants, duty-free shops, and other facilities.

1. Facilities and Services

The domestic Terminal has several additional facilities that can help meet the needs of each passenger, namely:

  • Currency Exchange. You can find the location in the domestic departures area, so exchanging your currency for baht will be easier.
  • ATMs. Along the terminal area, there are several ATMs.
  • Information Desk. If you want accurate and detailed information about flights and other information, you can visit the information desk located at domestic arrivals (first floor) and access the lost and found.
  • Luggage Storage and Lockers. If you want to leave things, you can come to the first floor and pay a monthly rental fee of 200 baht.
  • Medical Services. Open from 08.00 AM to 11.00 PM and is on the first level.
  • Mobile Chargers. At the first level, you can find several spots to charge gadgets.
  • Free Wi-Fi. Free internet is available for two hours.
  • Several other facilities include a post service, a tourist desk, a travel agent, book and magazine stores, and others.

You can use the lounge facilities to provide comfort while waiting for your flight. 

2. Lounges

Some of the available domestic lounges include:

  • Bangkok Airways Blue Ribbon Lounge. Some services available are snacks and drinks, food, internet, TV, Wi-Fi, and so on.
  • Bangkok Airways Boutique Lounges. You can get Wi-Fi, a TV, excellent food and drinks, and more.
  • Thai Airways Royal Cycle Lounge. The facilities are similar to other lounges, but you can also get magazines and newspapers.
  • The Coral Executive Lounge. Free Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks also can be found here.

Chiang Mai Airport International Terminal

Chiang Mai Airport Terminal

Its position is in the southern part of the terminal building, which is divided into two levels, namely ground and first level.

The ground Level handles arrivals level for international flights. Several facilities include a post office, car rental, retail, and others. The first level is the International flight departure area, with many supporting facilities such as restaurants and duty-free shops.

1. Facilities

While the existing facilities at the International Terminal include:

  • Currency Exchange. Being on international arrivals and departures, so access is closer.
  • Luggage storage. Being on the first level costs 200 baht per day.
  • Medical Services. Located on the first level.
  • Mobile Chargers. You can find many spots in the international terminal area, to be precise, near the departure hall.
  • Prayer Room. Located in the international departures area so that Muslim passengers can pray.
  • Smoking Room. Located in the International Departures area.
  • Free Wi-Fi. It can be accessed for free for two hours.
  • Other facilities include coffee shops, duty-free restaurants, bookshops, convenience stores, luggage wrapping, VAT refunds, and others.

2. Lounges

Like the Domestic Terminal, this Terminal also has several lounges, namely:

  • The Coral Executive Lounge. You can get Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, and premium food in this lounge.
  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Lounge: If you are a passenger from Star Alliance and  a premium Thai Airways passenger, you can enter this area for free; the facilities are also complete.

With the information above, you will be able to get the facilities you need when you are already at the Chiang Mai Airport Terminal. Immediately plan your trip to Chiang Mai, and book flight tickets and hotels at Airpaz. Download the app now for faster and easier access!


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