Chiang Mai Culinary Traveling Exploration

Culinary exploration is one of the exciting things you can do when you are travelling. Thailand is known for its rich culinary combinations, where the traditional and modern foods can blend nicely and harmoniously. If you are interested in fusion foods, then this is the perfect place to do the exploration. Chiang Mai, as a part of Thailand, gets the culinary influence. It means that you can try exotic and unique types of foods when you come to this area.

Exotic and unique types of Chiang Mai Food

Khanom Krok

Chiang Mai Culinary - Khanom Krok

It’s known as the coconut pancakes in small sizes. This food is a type of dessert, and it includes sweet corn for the accompaniment. If you are a vegetarian, this treat will suit your taste just well. This is basically a type of street food so you can find it almost anywhere, but if you want to get one of the best, you should go to Sum Meut Market.

Khao Soi

Chiang Mai Culinary - Khao Soi

This is a bowl of soup of boiled noodles with coconut milk and yellow curry and then topped off with fried noodles. It is quite popular because of the protein contents – which mean that it is quite fulfilling. The original Khao Soi is served with beef or chicken, but it is common to have pork and seafood these days. How to enjoy a bowl of Khao Soi? Be sure to add your favourite condiments which include roasted and spicy chilli paste, lime juice, chopped shallots, and pickled mustard greens. Some of the best Khao Soi is located in Khao Soi Khun Yai, Khao Soi Lam Duan, and Khao Soi Nimman. Another cool thing about this dish is the affordable price but fulfilling effect.


Chiang Mai Culinary - variants of noodles in Chiang Mai

Although Pad Thai is very popular in Thailand, it is actually only one among the many variants of noodles in Chiang Mai. After all, rice noodles aren’t only popular in Chiang Mai, but it is also the staple food. The variants come from different kinds of veggies, proteins, and herbs, resulting in different texture and also flavour. You can find Pad Thai easily at street vendors, usually served as the fried noodles with shrimps and peanuts. But you can also find Pay Sii Yew, which has wider rice noodles. It is served with soy sauce. And then there is Pat Kii Mao, the spicier version served with veggies.

Khao Kha Moo

Chiang Mai Culinary - Khao Kha Moo

It is the pork leg stew that is served along with rice and egg. The accompaniment includes garlic chilli sauce and pickled mustard greens. If you want to try this signature dish, you should go to Chang Puak night market. You will find the so-called cowboy hat lady, who is the popular seller of this Khao Kha Moo. You should try it and see how it suits your taste. With only $1 a plate, you won’t miss anything.

Larb Kua

Chiang Mai Culinary - Larb Kua

It is basically the spicy meat salad with pan-fried serving. It consists of pork, fish, chicken, or beef that is chopped together with innards and blood chunks. They are then stirred quickly in oil roasting with curry, dried chillies, and spices and herbs. It is best enjoyed with sticky rice (the warm one, of course).

Sai Oua

Chiang Mai Culinary - Sai Oua

It is the grilled herb sausage that is made from dried chillies, ground pork, shallots, garlic, and different types of pungent spices and herbs. A lot of people say that the northern version is similar to the northeastern one, but the taste is quite different. The northern version has a thicker chilli and herbal aroma as well as meaty taste.

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