Chiang Mai Terminal Airport and the Facilities

If you are coming to the northern area of Thailand, big chances that you will access the Chiang Mai Airport. This airport is the main gate to the area as well as the main hub that connects it to other regions and countries, such as Myanmar, Taiwan, Laos, China, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. You can also use the airport to get to Phuket, Bangkok, and Samui. The airport may not be big but it offers quite good facilities and services. Learn your way through if you don’t want to get lost in the airport.

About the Airport

Chiang Mai Airport - About the Airport

The airport itself isn’t too far from the city centre (the Old City) – only 10 minutes away by taxi. It basically has one building with two terminals, each dedicated for the international and domestic flights. The arrangement is pretty simple. There are two small terminals that are connected within a single construction so it seems that there is only one building available. The arrival halls (for both terminals) are located on the ground floor or the first floor and the second floor is designed for all departures.

The First Floor

Chiang Mai Airport - The First Floor

As it was mentioned before, the first floor is designed for Arrivals. Since there is only one construction, the division for the Arrivals is managed in the simplest way – the International Arrival is located on the right (of the building) and the Domestic Arrival is located on the left side. You can also find Ticketing and Reservation, Passenger Hall, and Check-in counters.

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The Second Floor

Chiang Mai Airport The Second Floor 1 1

The second floor is designed for Departures. Just like the Arrivals, the division for the Departures is managed in the simplest manner. The International Departure is located on the right side while the Domestic Departure is on the left. Besides the Passenger Hall, you can also find Silk Air, Malaysia Airlines, and Angel Airlines.

You should be able to find travel agent offices easily inside the buildings where the popular flight services are available to include Air Asia, Thai Airways, Nok Air, Bangkok Airways, and Singapore Airlines.

Although the airport may not have excessive outlets and shops, the facilities are pretty complete. If you are hungry, there are several food outlets available, including fast food joint, a deli, and coffee shops. If you want to shop, there are several shops selling souvenirs, handicrafts, merchandise, and silk.

Several Facilities

Chiang Mai Airport - Several Facilities

You can enjoy free WiFi for 2 hours in case you have to wait. Some of the food outlets are open 24 hours so you won’t have to worry about grabbing something to bite. If you are in a layover and you want to enjoy an extra service, you can go to the lounges. You only need to pay for the entrance fee and you can enjoy the extra luxury service.

Besides food shops and stores, you can find an information desk to help you find your way around. If you need to store your luggage or access the lockers, go to the first floor where you can rent the service. A locker costs around 200 baht a day. First aid medical service is open from 8 AM to 11 PM on the second floor. If you have to charge your mobile phones, there are some locations available. On the Domestic Terminal, you can find it at the Departure Hall, the security checkpoint, and the first floor. On the International Terminal, you only find it at the Departure Hall.

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