Chinese New Year Celebrations from Various Southeast Asian Countries

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is one of the things that are much awaited in the world. It is not only for people of Chinese descent, but also for also other public. Ethnic Chinese descent can be found throughout the world, including Southeast Asian countries.

Various Southeast Asia Chinese New Year Celebrations

If in Indonesia, there is Chap Go Mei who is very lively, then what about the Chinese New Year celebrations in other countries? Here are five Southeast Asian countries that are also enthusiastic about welcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.


Chinese New Year Celebrations in philippine

You can find different experiences about Southeast Asia Chinese New Year in the Philippines. The Binondo District in Manila is the oldest Chinatown in the world. Not surprisingly, Chinese New Year celebrations in the Philippines are very crowded and lively there. During Chinese New Year celebrations, basket cakes are served as staple foods. In addition, local people will also hang eight fruits with round shapes in their homes because this is believed to bring good luck in the coming year.

You can also feel the excitement during the Chinese New Year celebration. You can find dragon and lion dancers who go around and are very crowded. In addition, you can also see luxury vehicles that bring local politicians and celebrities handing out free sweets or lucky trinkets.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year is increasingly felt by the many clouds of smoke from firecrackers. You can also find various vendors along the way with food tables, lucky charms, plastic toys, or other items believed to bring prosperity and good fortune in the New Year.


Chinese New Year Celebrations in singapore

Do you want to feel the excitement of another Southeast Asia China new year? You can come to Singapore. The majority of Singaporeans are of Chinese descent. Therefore, it is not surprising that during the Chinese New Year celebrations, almost all companies in Singapore take their employees holiday.

One of the best spots to enjoy Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore is to visit Chinatown. You can enjoy one of the most popular events there, called Chinatown Street Light Up. Along the main road in the Chinatown area filled with beautiful lights. In addition, you can also find a variety of performance attractions such as lion dance, dance performances, or others.

You can enjoy the usual fireworks festival held at Eu Tong Sen Street and New Bridge Road. Fireworks-studded sky and the sound of firecrackers will decorate the Chinese New Year’s Eve in Singapore. Chinese New Year celebrations are certainly less than perfect without the variety of typical culinary offerings. When visiting Singapore, you can find a variety of Chinese New Year specialties such as waxed duck, various cakes, and sweet jerky.


Chinese New Year in malaysia

Malaysia is known as one of the Southeast Asia countries with multi-ethnic society. China is one of the many ethnic groups. Not only have the Chinese enjoyed the excitement of the Chinese New Year, but also other ethnicities. Usually at Chinese New Year celebrations, Malaysians enliven the streets in various festivals.

There is usually a tradition called Prosperity toss when Chinese New Year’s Eve in Malaysia. This tradition requires a salad dish called yusheng that consists of raw fish chunks, grated vegetables, sauces, and seasonings. Yusheng is a symbol of abundance. The whole family will stand around the dining table with their chopsticks, mix all the ingredients, and throw as high as possible as a symbol of good fortune.


Chinese New Year in vietnam

The Chinese New Year in Vietnam is one of the biggest celebrations. Vietnamese people call Chinese New Year celebration with the term ‘tet’. It is short for Tết Nguyên Đán and means celebration on the morning of the first day. The Vietnamese prepare for the New Year celebration by cleaning the house and cooking various special foods. Other traditions carried out while celebrating the New Year are by visiting relatives, honoring ancestors, giving angpao, and visiting temples with family.


Chinese New Year Celebrations in thailand

Chinese New Year celebrations in Thailand are not part of the holiday. However, the enthusiasm of the people of Chinese descent is very high when the turn of the year will arrive. The Chinese New Year in Thailand is a special moment for the Thai-Chinese community because this is a reason for family gatherings, visiting temples, lighting firecrackers, and enjoying a variety of special foods celebrating the New Year.

In addition to celebrations and parties, some people of Chinese descent in Thailand choose to perform various habits such as cleaning the house and paying homage to the ancestors. Coinciding with the New Year, older people will share angpao to younger people.

The closing of the New Year celebration will be held the Lantern Festival. Various lanterns with various colors and shapes will decorate people’s homes. This is a symbol of hope and good fortune in the coming year.

Although in general the Chinese New Year celebrations in various Southeast Asian countries are almost the same, actually each has its own uniqueness. Which country are you going to enjoy for Chinese New Year? Book your flight tickets on Airpaz to get many conveniences.


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