Christmas Wonderland, Singapore Fun Attraction

When it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas. This festive holiday takes place everywhere in the world, no matter whether you have the snow or not – although this holiday is somewhat identical with the snow. But no need to worry, you can always celebrate the festive atmosphere and air. If you are in Singapore, Gardens by the Bay will be the home of Christmas Wonderland, which is the country’s biggest celebration for Christmas.

About Christmas Wonderland

The idea is to turn the land covering of 57,000 square meters into a Christmas Wonderland playground for both adults and kids. So, you can only happen good and fun things – which are exactly what you are about to find there. Live entertainment, ice skating, and ice sculptures should be expected, and so are tasty food and beautiful decor. The event will take place for about a month from the 30th of November to the 26th of December 2018) and it will be divided into several events.

The whole events include:

  • Luminaire Light Sculpture, which is accessible from 7 PM to 12 AM
  • Rob Lake Magic
  • Fairground
  • Skating under the Stars
  • Festive Market
  • Blizzard Time
  • Festive Entertainment
  • Slice of Savour, which would be accessible from 4 PM to 11 PM

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The price of the tickets will be different, depending on different time frames. It is valid for one-time use only:

  • Green (from 30th of November to 6th of December): $4
  • Red (from 7th to 13th of December): $6
  • Gold (from 14th to 26th of December): $8

The price is for online purchase. If you buy them at the gate, you will be charged an extra $2 for each ticket. And keep in mind that Rob Lake Magic isn’t included in the admission ticket so if you want to watch him, you want to pay more. Moreover, the admission ticket allows you to get into the spot but if you want to skate or take on the ride, you will have to pay more.

Rides and Games

Christmas Wonderland - Rides and gaming (1)

Since we are celebrating the holiday festivities, expect to find some popular fairground rides, like Christmas train, spinning teacups, water bumper boats, carousel, and bumper cars. They aren’t only for the kids – adults can also enjoy some of the games. Not to mention that you can enjoy the beauty of the place with all the lights and the sparkles.

Ice Skating

Christmas Wonderland - Ice Skating

One of the highlights of this Wonderland is the skating, thanks to the synthetic rink. Just because Singapore is located in a tropical area, it doesn’t mean that you can’t experience skating on ice. No need to worry, the rink is pretty safe. All families can join together although kids will be prioritized first.

Festive Market

Christmas Wonderland - Festive Market

Everyone loves shopping, right? Your visit to Christmas Wonderland won’t complete if you haven’t brought home one or two souvenirs. The design is made like a European traditional market with its wooden huts. The inspiration is London’s, Hyde Park. In case you forget to do your Christmas shopping, this is your chance! You can buy crafts and gifts, including the one from local names and brands. If you are looking for Christmas food or treats, this is also the perfect place to do so.

Slice of Savour

Christmas Wonderland - Slice of Savour

Christmas is related to good and comfort food. This is your time to enjoy tasty meals made by popular chefs. You can also try exclusive restaurants dishes with inexpensive and affordable prices. Really, you will regret it for the whole year if you miss it.

You can use the bus and train to reach Garden by the Bay – use the Downtown Line or through East-West Line. You can also drive there. If you happen to be around Marina Bay Sands or Helix Bridge, you can walk.

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