Climbing Guide to Mount Kinabalu Malaysia

If you like climbing a mountain that much, you should give mount Kinabalu Malaysia a try. This highest peak in Borneo welcomes both novice and experienced climbers to meet the challenge. Protected under the name of mount Kinabalu national park and known as a World Heritage Site, it is located in Sabah, Malaysia. Based on a satellite technology established survey, the height of the mountain is about 4,095 meters above the sea level.

Kinabalu Malaysia


Legend of Mount Kinabalu

Have you ever heard about the famous local legend about Mount Kinabalu? There was a story of a Chinese prince who was injured after a shipwrecked in the South China Sea. He met and fell in love with a local Borneo girl.

When he came back to China, his parents wanted him to marry a princess and he could not reject that wishes. This situation made the left young wife in the Borneo wait in anxiety from time to time. As she could not travel to the sea cost every day, she would climb the nearby mountain to see her husband’s ship returning. She eventually made to reach the peak of mouth Kinabalu, but sadly she passed away after the sunset as the night got very cold.

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Activities in Mount Kinabalu


The mountain’s height is quite challenging but inviting towards all climbers. Anyone at any age can go climbing as long as the health status is good. However, the young climber should be at least 10 years old and the elderlies must be in good health and fitness level to climb the Mount Kinabalu.

There are actually more activities to do at mount Kinabalu national park beside just climbing. Take, for example, taking a day-long mountain hiking on each of the nine trails around the park base. If you want to finish them all, you may need two days of walking.

You can stay in the provided lodged and enjoy the view of the mountain. Birds and other small wildlife sightseeing is also a bonus to experience within the national park. The trails are quite easy and marked well, so you may not need a guide to enjoy the tours.

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How to get to Mount Kinabalu

Are you intended to make your wish to climb the mount Kinabalu come true? Well, the good time to climb the mountain is during the dry season from March and April to get the clear sky view, though it actually opens all year round.

If it is not possible for climbing, you can still enjoy other activities at mount Kinabalu national park. As an overseas traveller, your first stop to mount Kinabalu Malaysia will be Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Make sure to check Airpaz to find the best seat and Air Asia Malaysia ticket deals.


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