Con Dao Islands, A Paradise on Earth

Vietnam has lots of natural, but hidden, beauties. Con Dao remote islands are one of them. If you are tired of the noise and crowd of the big city, and you just want to escape to a quieter place, this island will serve your needs. However, the place is more than just a paradise on earth. It has its own dark past and bleak history. It is a good thing that the islands have turned to a marvellous and beautiful holiday spot that is just perfect for those looking for a peaceful atmosphere.

The Bleak Past History

Con Dao Islands - The Bleak Past History

In the past, the main island of Con Son was used as a prison by the Americans and French authorities. You can still see, and even visit, some of the prisons. After all, they are a part of Vietnamese history. Many of the prisoners were involved in political activities. Those who were lucky could leave the island but hardened by the experience. But many of them weren’t lucky because they couldn’t leave the island. They died from hard labour, mistreatment, execution, and malnourishment.

Con Son Town

Con Dao Islands - Con Son Town

If you are looking for a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere that is far from the hustle and bustle of the big city, the town in Con Son will satisfy you. It is extremely pleasant to take a stroll with its (almost) free hustle and traffic. Not only you will enjoy the peaceful air, but you can also enjoy the view of the old colonial buildings. Are they Instagram worthy? Definitely! You can freely take shots while breathing in the fresh air.

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Con Son Market

Con Dao Islands - Con Son Market

Looking for a place to enjoy your breakfast? If you are thinking about noodles or porridge for your morning meal, including the Vietnamese coffee, the market will be a great place to start your ‘food hunt’. But if you are thinking about enjoying an omelette and a tasty cappuccino, go to Infiniti Café and Lounge. The vibe is artsy and the place is pretty cool.

Con Son Museum

Con Dao Islands - Con Son Museum

Want to learn about the historical past? You should visit the Con Son Museum where you can learn about history. It will also prepare you for the dark prison history. You can also learn about the Tiger Cages, where difficult prisoners would get the toughest and roughest treatment. If you can’t handle the gruesome sight (and the imagination that comes with it), you can skip the trip to the museum.

Enjoy the Day at the Beach

Con Dao Islands - Enjoy the Day at the Beach

The beach can lighten up your mood. You can rent a scooter and go to the northern side of the island. You can go to Dam Trau beach –you can enjoy the fresh seafood at the many shacks lined on the shore. On your way back, you can drop by at Six Senses resort with its sheltered beach.

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How to Reach the Islands

Con Dao Islands - How to Reach the Islands

They are basically connected to Vung Tau’s mainland port so you can use the ferry. It takes 12 hours to reach the islands and the ferry runs three or four times a week. However, many people like to fly there because of the long travel, the very basic condition, and the rough sea. If you want to fly to the islands, you can start from the city of Can Tho or Ho Chi Minh. They have Vasco and Vietnam Airlines that operates on a daily basis. The standard fare is around $150.

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