Coronavirus Prevention Efforts When Traveling

The spread of the coronavirus that began in the city of Wuhan in China makes the world worry. Even coronavirus has been spread in Indonesia. This virus is thought to originate from the consumption of wild animals which is sold freely in the Wuhan market and this virus spreads through the air. The ability of this virus to kill is extraordinary and the symptoms are like the common cold.

How to Prevent Coronavirus When Traveling

coronavirus preventions

The movement of the coronavirus is considered increasingly worrying. Not only in Wuhan, had the plains of China, this disease also spread to several other countries. As a result, a travel warning was imposed. But don’t worry! So that you don’t catch the coronavirus while traveling, here are powerful tips that can be done from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.


1. Washing Hands Diligently

washing hand

No matter whether you are traveling or not, this activity must be carried out as your life habits. But, it could be the solution to prevent coronavirus because transmission and infection of the coronavirus are predicted through the palms that come in contact with objects, food, or animals that have been infected. This palm then touches the face so the virus can easily enter through the nose or mouth.

2. Avoiding Direct Contact with Cold Cough Sufferers

direct contact

Since this virus can spread between people, avoid direct contact with people around you who are suffering from coughing, fever and breathing difficulties. Although this person may not necessarily correct this fatal respiratory disease, these symptoms have already been watched out for.

3. Don’t Come to Areas that Are Prohibited by Local Governments

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Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, the area has been completely isolated by the local government. No one can enter or leave there. Of course, we must obey the rules of this government. It aims for the movement of the virus can be monitored and controlled. If you want to travel it would be better if you visit a place that is safe from Coronavirus.

4. Wearing Mask

wearning mask 

To prevent infection from this deadly virus, you can wear a mask all day, especially when you are outdoors. The use of masks can minimize the risk of being infected by this virus called the corona. It is also recommended to wear an N95 type mask that can cover the nose and mouth area better. This type of mask is tightly closed access to the nose and mouth, so this can reduce the risk of infection. If you are difficult to get it, you can use a surgical mask or mask that is often used by online motorcycle drivers.

5. Eating Mature Food

 prevent coronavirus by cooking meat until cooked

Many people in Wuhan eat strange food and not even cook it first. Really disgusting isn’t it? Therefore to prevent this virus it is recommended for you to cook food until cooked, especially meat. With perfectly cooked meat, the virus inside will be automatically die

6. Get Enough Rest

enough rest to prevent coronavirus

This virus attacks not necessarily cause the sufferer to die. Some patients in Wuhan are expected to return to health and this can occur because of good immune support. At the same time supported by adequate health services, you need to keep your health. One of the simple ways is to get enough rest when traveling

That’s the tips for you Friends, you as a traveler can do these tips while traveling to avoid coronavirus. Take care of yourself and your body to stay healthy. You can order your ticket on to expedite your vacation plans. Happy Travelling!


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