Typical Costs During Trip to Singapore

Traveling to Singapore is a great choice but you need to know the typical costs during trip to Singapore. Singapore is not a cheap destination for traveling. It means you should prepare all things well and know the typical costs during the trip.

Typical Costs During Trip to Singapore

Typical Costs During Trip to Singapore

Accommodation Costs During Trip to Singapore

Singapore belongs to the countries with expensive accommodation. For a hostel’s dorm room, the rate is 15-17 SGD/ night, including free breakfast, WiFi and sometimes free linens. A 2-star hotel room with air conditioner, free wifi, private bathroom, and TV is rated from 45 SGD/ night.

Meanwhile, larger hotels’ rates are from 80 to 110 SGD/ night. You also can choose the shared room on Airbnb with the rate starts from 22 SGD/ night, while a studio apartment costs about 85 SGD.

Food Costs During Trip to Singapore

Singapore is the country where foods from all over the world are available, particularly Indian and Chinese Foods. The Indian and Chinese food commonly costs about 8-9 SGD/ meal. Meanwhile, the typical food of Singaporean is seafood.

To get cheaper options of meals, try the street stalls with various options of food and cost less than 6 SGD/ meal. To enjoy a restaurant dish, you should spend from 20 SGD or more. Meanwhile, you only need about 75 SGD/ week if you cook your foods by yourself in the menu of chicken, pasta, veggies, etc.

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Transportation Costs During Trip to Singapore

The transportation that operates the breadth and length of Singapore is Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), even buses and taxis are also available in plentiful amounts. The MRT tickets generally cost about 4 SGD, but a longer distance might cost higher.

If you want to explore Singapore by using MRT all day long, purchase the Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited traveling. The 1-day pass charges 10 SGD, whilst the 2-day and 3-day passes are 16 SGD and 20 SGD respectively.

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Even though Singapore is well known for the expensive living cost, you still can enjoy the free attractions such as Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Meanwhile, to enter the attraction like Singapore Zoo, you should pay the entrance fee as much as 48 SGD.

Every Day Budget

The suggested budget for those who plan to stay in a hostel, cooking most of your meals by yourself or eating at the hawker stalls, and take the public transportation is about 55-80 SGD or $40 –55 USD. The budget could be lower or higher according to the accommodation you choose to stay and if you always eat outside.

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