Countries That Have Said Bye Bye to Their Travel Ban

Talking about pandemic will never be far from boring days or stay-at-home regulations, especially with countries imposing travel ban. If you feel that your wanderlust spirit got too bored that it needs to know when you will be able to fly again, or at least, knowing what countries open for travel—you are not the only one. Billions of people feel the same, and that’s why this article is written: to inform you what countries have lifted their travel ban.

What Countries Lifted Their Travel Ban?

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Your home country may not grant your desire of traveling and that makes you wonder is everyone facing the same situation? To be honest, there are countries out there that ban traveling be it domestically or internationally. The reason is clear: to avoid the risk of making the case higher.

So far, the decision of making travelers locked at home is quite effective in lowering the number of Covid-19 cases. But we know that we cannot stay in such state for a long time, right? Governments feel that, too.

That’s why, currently there are countries open for travel, although there are international travel restrictions applied still to lower the risk of letting the infected people to enter the country. So, what countries are allowing tourists to come and play?

These countries are allowing tourists (on a certain condition) to enter their country without any testing or quarantine (only if the tourist is vaccinated):

1. El Salvador
2. Somalia
3. Mexico
4. Vatican City
5. Colombia
6. Costa Rica
7. Switzerland
8. Peru
9. Spain
10. France
11. Slovenia
12. Poland
13. Luxemburg

While these countries are requiring you to be tested negative for Covid-19 (the tourist is vaccinated):

1. Brazil
2. Ecuador
3. Cuba
4. India
5. Greece
6. Russia
7. United Arab Emirates
8. South Africa
9. Venezuela
10. Cyprus
11. Hungary
12. Georgia
13. Honduras
14. Saudi Arabia
15. Pakistan
16. Qatar
17. Maldives
18. Egypt

What about test + quarantine? These countries are allowing tourists to come only if they are tested negative and are willing to enjoy their time being quarantined (different length of time may be available).

1. Indonesia
2. Bhutan
3. Israel
4. Mongolia
5. Singapore
6. Italy
7. Nepal
8. Nigeria
9. Qatar
10. South Korea
11. Thailand
12. United Kingdom

As for these countries, countries open for travel but the travel restrictions by country are still applied. Hence, only citizens can only return to the country and those meeting all strict requirements are allowed to come to the country.

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Brunei
4. China
5. Japan
6. Malaysia
7. Hong Kong
8. Myanmar
9. Vietnam
10. Taiwan
11. Philippines
12. New Zealand
13. Palestinian Territories
14. Norway
15. Macau
16. Kuwait
17. Kazakhstan

Well, to answer your question—what countries are open for travel?’, there are many countries are reopening their gates for international tourists. However, there are definitely a set of rules and regulations applied. These regulations will include:

  • The tourists should not come from a red-list country.
  • The tourists should be fully vaccinated, and they can prove it through a valid document issued by the National Ministry of Health of their origin country.
  • The tourist(s) are tested negative for Covid-19 using PCR test within a specified length of time.
  • The tourist(s) are willing to take the time for quarantine. This is only applied for several countries. Other countries may not apply this as the requirements for the tourists. Plus, different country may offer different length of quarantine as well.

All said, it will be important to note that all countries open for travel are applying different rules for their international tourists. All countries which are reopening their international visit may have eased the travel restrictions, but still, you need to comply with their regulations to be able to enter the country easily.

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When Will International Flights be Re-opened?

Travel ban airport

Aside from the question of ‘what countries open for travel?’ you may also wonder when will flights are allowed as before.

To be honest, countries open for travel mark the availability of the international flights to that country. For example, since international visit to Indonesia has been reopened in October 2021, it simply means that the international departure is already allowed for civil tourists.

That’s why we emphasize that knowing the travel policy in the country is a crucial thing to do. That way, you can save your money by avoiding purchasing flights to and/or accommodations in the country which applies travel ban policies.

Not to mention, if you need to do quarantine, it makes sense if your need to reschedule your pre-booked further flights/accommodations. Rescheduling means more money, and we want to keep the travel as frugal as possible (especially if you are tight-budgeted).

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