Cozy Cafes in Jakarta for Your Everyday Needs: Work & Fun

You will often find cafes everywhere if you travel in a big city like Jakarta, but only a few are included as the cozy cafes in Jakarta. It is true that the cafe business is on the rise. Although there are many of them in every corner of the city, these places are always crowded with visitors.

So, why do people choose cozy cafes for their hangout place? Well first, many cafes offer romantic concepts, especially for teenage couples. It can be the main attraction for people. Second, the cozy cafe is very suitable for refreshing with the typical music or live band that soothes the soul. Lastly, it gives the impression of hits and trends for college students or businessmen. They often use the cozy cafes as a working place.

Top Cozy Cafes In Jakarta

Currently, there are more and more cafes in Jakarta with a unique and fun concept. Some come with 90s interior designs, retro style, to industrial. So, are you looking for a place to relax with your family or friends? If so, you can visit one of the best cafes in Jakarta below.

Lewis & Carroll Tea

Cozy-Cafes-in-Jakarta-Lewis-Carroll Tea
Lewis & Carroll Tea at Jakarta
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Founded in 2015, Lewis & Carroll Tea has been regarded by culinary enthusiasts because of the grasp of tea with a completely unique mixture of flavors. There were fifty kinds of tea when this tea café opened in 2015.

Now, the kinds of tea have grown to eighty alongside the outlet of a third branch in Senayan after Kebayoran Baru and Grand Indonesia regions. This is the best Lewis & Carroll Tea branch that incorporates the idea of dessert and tea pairing, or the combination of a dessert bundle with tea.

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The Wellness Group (TWG) Tea & Salon Boutique

TWG Tea & Salon Boutique
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This super fancy TWG Tea & Salon Boutique is located on the ground floor of Senayan Plaza. Besides in Senayan, you can also find it in Pacific Place. It is a pretty good place with a classic style interior. This cafe is quite spacious, and it can accommodate about 200 customers.

Talking about the menu, as the name implies, this place provides a variety of organic tea with a very wide selection. Apart from tea, there are also food menus. The price range for a la carte menu is IDR 15,000 to IDR 525,000.

Moreover, there will be a weekend brunch package as a you-can-eat program. You can order the unlimited food and tea menus here for only around IDR 350,000. The food is not a buffet, but a la carte, so you can order as much food as you like. It already consists of an appetizer, main course, dessert, and tea.

Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers

Ottoman Coffee Brewers
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Kuningan area is not only about office place, but there are also many unique cafes that you should try. The best cozy cafe in Jakarta there is Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers located at Sopo Del Tower Kuningan.

This cozy cafe is unique as it offers an open concept, and the decor is in cute pastel colors. There are tables on the stairs in pink shades, which are suitable as the contemporary photo spots.

Pantjoran Tea House

Pantjoran Tea House
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It is one of the unique places to chill because the building has been around since 1635, and this area is included in a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Now, this place is known as Pantjoran Tea House Jakarta with a very diverse selection of tea. There are also other delicious Chinese food menus.

This place really lives up to the expectations. Classic foods, like Fu Yung Hai, Kailan two flavors, and squid egg salted chili, taste good and fit perfectly. In addition, the dim sum is also delicious and recommended.
Furthermore, the ambiance is good with some photos and displays which contain information about the history of tea arriving here. You can also find many photos of the old Jakarta. Surely, this is the right place to enjoy the atmosphere of Jakarta in the afternoon.

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One Fifteenth Coffee

One Fifteenth Coffee
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The location is not far from Grand Indonesia. This place is not that big, but it is really cozy. There are vintage indoor and outdoor areas. The ambience is very comfortable for chatting.

The coffee menus at this cozy cafe belonging to the winner of 2013 Indonesia Barista Championship, Dody Samsara, are really delicious. The brewed coffee is not bitter, sour, or watery. The signature coffee, Rojali, is the winner, just the right composition of soda, lime juice, and coffee.

After reading a brief review of the best cafes in Jakarta above, are you starting to be interested in visiting one? The hustle and bustle of Jakarta can make you tired sometimes, so hanging out at the best cafes can be a remedy. If you are interested in spending a night or two here, don’t forget to book flight tickets and hotels on or via Airpaz app. By booking here, you can get a variety of attractive offers to enjoy the best cafe in Jakarta.


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