Da Nang International Airport Facility for Your Best Traveling Experience

Da Nang International Airport is one of the largest airports in Vietnam. Drive away from Da Nang City about ten minutes to reach the airport. This airport is a perfect starting point to experience the great flight and the amazing facilities. The airport was established in 1940 which double runways with the 3,045 meters long each. It accommodates the domestic and international routes from the cities such as Taipei, Vientiane, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Phnom Penh. There are some important parts of this airport which you should know if you plan to travel through here. Are you ready for the tour? Here are the details of each section.

5 Main Sections and Supporting Facilities of the Da Nang International Airport

1. Arrivals

Da Nang International Airport - ARRIVALS

When you arrive at Da Nang International Airport you will meet the quarantine concourse against the baggage claim. Dealing with immigration, you can take care of your visa here. If you applied for a visa online, find the VOA desk to complete the form and show the confirmation letter to the authorities before checking the passport. They will check your passport for about 15 minutes you can get your passport back. After the immigration checking post, you will see the huge arrival hall. You may exchange your money here if you need because it is a good idea to have a small change to pay the taxi fare or bus. If you need information about the tourist destinations and accommodation, ask the tourist information desk which is also available there.

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2. Departures


They are check-in counters which are built on the ground floor of the building. You will see this section after passing through the first security checkpoint. Here you will see the seven boarding gates which have different destinations. Boarding gates number until 1 to 3 is located on the right side of Terminal, 4 to 7 gates are located in the center of the building, and 8-10 gates are at the left side of the security checkpoint.

3. Restaurants and Cafe

Restaurants and Cafe

No need to worry about being starving at the airport. Various restaurants or cafes are available whether in a restricted or public area. In the restricted area, you can find Burger King, Puro Gusto, Crystal Jade, Da Nang Kiosk, Espresso to Go, and Urban Market (Big Bowl and Star Cafe). While in the pubic area, you will find Star Cafe, Highland Coffee, Urban Market (Big Bowl and Star Cafe), and Shilla Noodles.

4. Shops


It is time for shopping souvenirs! Never miss the chance to bring souvenirs for your loved ones. You can also buy your necessities at the convenience stores. There are some interesting shops available at Da Nang International airport so you won’t need to go here and there to shop. The shops available at the restricted area are Viet Nam’s Delights, Lotte Duty-Free, Jalux Duty-free Vietnam (JDV), Made In Vietnam, Lucky Souvenir Shop, Chi’s shop (for unique and handmade crafts), Mini Mart and Vietnam Gift Shop. On the public area, you can find Big Bowl and also Vietnam Gift Shop.

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5. Unwind


Some people say that transit is boring, but do not say such a thing if you experience transit in Da Nang International Airport lounges. The business lounge here completes with the PCs, printers, power sockets, and WiFi to keep you stay connected with your business. The setting of the table lamps, sofa, desk, carpets, and other decoration make you feel like home. The business lounge is 800m2 lounge which can host up to 170 visitors. You can also find a bunch of amenities for eating, doing business, and relaxing.

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