Why do you go to Vietnam, anyway? Well, most travelers claim that they are attracted to the natural mountains and beaches. If you have the same idea, you probably choose Da Nang as your entrance. There are many reasons why travelers like to come to the city – not only because the city has the third biggest international airport in the country, but also because it isn’t too far from other cities. It is only 3 hours from Hue and it is only an hour away from Hoi An – by bike. Sound interesting and so outdoorsy, right?

About the Airport

Da Nang International Airport

The airport has two different terminals. The first one, the T1, is for domestic flights while T2 is for international flights. Terminal T1 covers an area of 14,500-meter square, consisting of a basement and 3 levels. Terminal T2 covers a bigger area of the 210,000-meter square. The departure and arrival stations are separated. It takes about 10 minutes to 15 minutes on foot between the stations.

The services in both terminals are pretty complete and well-equipped. Modern check-in counters can be found there, among other services like (free) mobile charging stations, free connection for the internet, VIP lounge, coffee shops, currency exchange stations, catering services, gift shops, and many more. All the airport staffs are professional and friendly and they are always ready to help the travelers.

Terminal T1 for Domestic Flights

Domestic Flights

Da Nang is considered a big and crucial transportation hub in Vietnam. If you have access to this airport, you can easily fly to many cities and provinces. Around 40 check-in counters can be found in this terminal, including VietJet Air, VASCO, or Jetstar Pacific Airlines. VietJet Air, for example, can help you reach cities like Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, or Ha Noi. Read the details about the air services (along with the cities they are connecting) if you want to fly from Da Nang to other cities in Vietnam.

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Terminal T2 for International Flights

International Flights

T2 terminal has 2 different levels. The first one is for the arrival while the second one is for the departure. Since the terminal is bigger, you can find 44counters, consisting of 22 immigration and 22 check-in counters. If you use business class, go to counters with numbers 20, 21, and 22. The available air services include Thai AirAsia and Bangkok Airways (for Thailand), Cambodia Angkor Air, Air Asia, SilkAir and Jetstar Asia (for Singapore), and more. You can also expect getting services from these airlines:

  • Jeju Air to Seoul and Incheon
  • Air Busan to Busan
  • Cathay Dragon to Hong Kong
  • Shanghai Airlines to Shanghai
  • China Eastern Airlines to Zhengzhou, Nanning, Dalian, and Beijing
  • Vietnam Airlines to Tokyo and Narita
  • JetStar Pacific Airlines to Kansai and Osaka

Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

There are several facilities to find at Da Nang international airport. Business lounge, for a starter, can be found at both terminals. You can help yourself with tasty drinks and foods, fresh fruits, and also relaxing massage chairs. The lounge also offers to charge outlets, newspapers, and magazines to make your stay relaxing. Even if you don’t use the business class, you can enter the lounge by paying the admission fee. It is around 360.000 VND a person (around $16.40) for the domestic area while the international area will charge you 650.000 VND (around $29.60)

Other facilities include:

  • Cafes and restaurants. You can find establishments like Lucky Restaurant, Burger King, K Coffee, and others. Finding a mini-mart is also easy.
  • (Duty-free) shops. These duty-free shops offer cosmetics, snacks, cigarettes, perfume, and alcohol.
  • Souvenir shops. If you haven’t bought any souvenirs for people at home, these shops can help. After all, there are 5 shops available and you can find handmade crafts, magnets, or key chains

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So, ready for your trip to Vietnam? Don’t forget to plan everything, including your flights. You can choose air services like Vietnam Airlines or Vietjet Air at airpaz.com.