Disney Magical Moments Orchard Road 2018 – Christmas on a Great Street

It is counting days to December. Have you made the plan for Christmas holidays this year? The date of December 25th has important meaning for Christians. And it occurs in winter at countries with four seasons which means people there are having their holidays. One of the ways to have more celebration about Christmas is by taking the loved ones for vacation. So, have you decided yours?

Have Christmas Holiday in Singapore

If you still have no idea which places to go to celebrate Christmas with family, why do not you directly choose Singapore? You have spent a lot of time in your country seeing snow or probably mostly have to stay at home when Christmas comes because it is winter. So, it is time to have some more refreshing experience by visiting a tropical country, like famous Singapore.

Just like other countries, Christmas Day is a national holiday in Singapore. However, you can’t expect the same as in western countries due to the climate difference. You can’t take kids outside playing snowboarding or building snowmen. But it does not mean you have no chance to find another way to have some fun during the Christmas holidays in Singapore.

Singapore is a melting pot of culture, ethics and religions. Everyone respect this diversity and quite common to see the national celebration of each religion, including Christmas. That is why when visiting this country on Christmas; you may feel the whole country is celebrating the holidays. You can still find Christmas decoration themes everywhere, especially on Orchard Road.

What is special on Orchard Road this Christmas?

Are you going to have Christmas holidays in Singapore with your kids? It is great if you are. There is no reason to take them with you, right? It is Christmas. Everyone must have fun and enjoy the moment.

It is also the right decision to enjoy your Christmas this year in Singapore, because the Orchard Road has been waiting with the specially themed decoration, especially for kids. It is Disney Magical Moments.

Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) collaborates with The Walt Disney Company to create something unique for their Christmas On A Great Street 2018 event. Together they present Disney Magical Moments, a light-up event takes place from November 10th 2018 until January 1st 2019. Along the street, you will see the well-loved and famous Disney characters like Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Ana and Elsa, and many more.

Christmas on a Great Street disney orchard road

Disney Themes on Orchard Road

There are four themes of Disney set along the Orchard Road. They are:

  • Disney Princess at Tanglin Mall to Shaw House

You can find Ariel The Little Mermaid photo spot at Shaw House.

  • Mickey Mouse and Friends at ION Orchard to Mandarin Gallery

Say your congratulation to Mickey Mouse for his 90th birthday and join him and his friends for the party.

  • Frozen at 313@Somerset to Orchard Central

Be enchanted by this special Disney Frozen themed lights found lining the street and visit Elsa and Anna’s world at Orchard Central.

  • Toy Story at Orchard Central to Plaza Singapore

Do not forget to say hi to the famous Toy Story characters, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and friends.

disney concept in orchard road

Make a visit to the Great Christmas Village

ORBA still presents the same highlight like last year, i.e. the Great Christmas Village. However, this year, it will set at Ngee Ann Civic Plaza from November 15th to December 26th 2018. It is a must-to-visit site with kids because there are many rides to try. Finding foods and beverages is also easy.

When the night comes, the artists from the Timber Music Academy will have live music shows at the Timber x Food Village. Do not forget to visit the Santa House where children can enjoy various arts and crafts activities. Importantly, visit Santa every Friday or Saturday around 7 pm to 9 pm to have something extra special to ask for your Christmas celebration this year.

So, why are you still thinking? The Christmas on a Great Street event in Singapore has started. As it occurs from November 10th 2019 to January 1st 2019, you can choose whether to come before or after the Christmas Day. But, it is a lot better to make the immediate reservation for the flights and accommodation so you can have a peaceful mind when spending time with kids at the Magical Disney Moments.

So, there you have it! Christmas in Singapore’s Orchard is a magical experience. Book your flight now exclusively at Airpaz and immerse yourself in the festive spirit. Don’t miss out on the enchanting celebrations awaiting you in Singapore’s iconic Orchard Road.


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