Bangkok is one of the cities in the world which also becomes the meeting of modern and traditional cultures. As a capital city of Thailand, you will see it as an emerged one with fast developed financial and health hub. Side by side, you can also still find many attractive heritages which represent the cultural development in the past, like temples and museums.

To get into Thailand, especially Bangkok city, you must first take a flight to the international airport. There are two airports in the country which serve international flights. They are Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport. But here, we are just going to discuss the low-cost one.

History of Don Mueang Airport


Don Mueang Airport is known as the oldest airport in Asia, regarding its first opening for commercial travel in 1924. However, the operation was closed due to the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport as Bangkok’s modern main airport that serves long-haul international flights.

As the rising of cheap flight services, Don Mueang Airport re-opened in 2007 as the hub of domestic and regional trips. So, if you are on a short trip with a tight budget, it is better to find an affordable flight that takes you to this airport.

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Terminal Information


There are two terminals:
Terminal 1: It is international terminal hostings worldwide and regional flights. It looks small but has three stores, offering many services with international standard to passengers.

Terminal 2: It only serves domestic and regional flights and provides surprising services in its four levels of the building.

Facilities and Services

As Don Mueang is smaller and quieter than Suvarnabhumi Airport, you may find different experiences. But regarding the services, they have a complete list including:

• Water fountains
• Currency exchange and banking
• Toilettes
• Information desks
• Lost and found
• Hotel reservation counter
• Meeting point
• Food and drink concessions
• ATMs
• VIP lounges
• Muslim prayer room
• Free Wi-Fi connection
• Smoking allowed areas
• Sleep box
• Reception room for Buddhist monks



What is your first destination once landing at Don Mueang Airport? If it is Bangkok, you have some options of transport to choose from, i.e.:

• Bus: There are airport shuttle buses, airport regular buses and Bangkok city buses that are ready to take passengers to the downtown.

• Train: The closest railway station from Don Mueang Airport is about an 8-minute walk or 800 meters away. It is where you can catch the train to Bangkok city.

• Taxi: It is your first alternative to save the time heading to downtown within 30 minutes.

• Car rental: If you want to travel around with your own eyes, it is better to rent a car. There are many car rental services available that you can book in advance before taking the flight.

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Some tips for your first time travel to Don Mueang Airport

If it is your first time to go to Bangkok by plane, here are some tips when entering the airport:

• You have to first head to the Immigration once walking off the plane. There are hallways and stairs to get there. Better to keep the expectation of a clean and big airport as Don Mueang is smaller than Suvarnabhumi and still undergoing renovations.

• Be patient with the long lines at immigration. It is because there are some airlines arriving at similar times. You may meet locals and international passengers.

• Once finishing the immigration matter, you can get your luggage and walk through Customs to exit from the airport. Do not forget to get a local SIM card offered by some vendors and also enter the currency exchange spots as well to have enough Baht cash for the first day or two of the trip.

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