Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 for International Flights

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1

Have you ever heard about Don Mueang Airport especially Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1? It is probably less popular than another international airport in Bangkok, i.e. Suvarnabhumi. However, Don Mueang Airport (DMK) is known as one of the oldest airports in the world. It has been started being used to serve flights since 1924.

After the opening of Suvarnabhumi Airport, DMK became the second international airport in Bangkok that serves both domestic and international flights. That is why if you come to Thailand to the capital city, you may find carriers that will take you there, instead of to the Suvarnabhumi. Let’s take a look at what Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 has to offer!

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Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1

Don Mueang Airport has two terminals, i.e.:

  • Terminal 1 – serves international arrival and departure
  • Terminal 2 – services domestic and regional flights

So, if you come from abroad, you will step at Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1. Here are several things you should know:

  1. The oldest terminal
  • As DMK is the first international airport built in the world, Terminal 1 is also known as the oldest terminal. Besides serving all international flights come and from Thailand, it also provides facilities for some domestic flights. There are more than 18, 5 passengers passing by every year at this terminal.
  1. Two functioning levels from its three levels
  • Don Mueang International Airport area is divided into 3 stores, however, only two of them that are functioned. The second floor is closed to passengers.
  • First store – the arrivals hall
  • The first level of Don Mueang Airport is used to welcome passengers, the north part for international arrivals and the south one is for domestic arrivals. Passengers from abroad will be assisted at 1to24 gates and 21 to 27 gates. On the other hands, the domestic entrances are at number 31 to 37 and 41 to 48. After passing the passport and visa control, there are three baggage belts, baggage claim area and free access to the arrivals hall.
  • The arrivals hall at the first store of the airport is completed with many services including information desks, currency exchange and banking services, lost and found, public telephones, hotel reservation counter and also food and drink concessions.
  1. Third store – the departure hall
  • As the opposite of the arrival hall, the departure one is available on the third level of the airport. Still, it is also divided into two areas, i.e. for domestic departure on the south part and international one on the north part. Both of them have the boarding area and security checkpoint, where passengers will also find the check-in counters and airlines counter. After passing the security, everyone will need to enter the immigration counter.
  • Waiting for the plane to take off can be so boring, that is why there are many facilities provided at the departure hall. They are including public phones, barber shop, VIP lounges, toilets and importantly the concessions of food, drink and retail.
  • Airlines

Don Mueang Airport serves low-cost airlines. At Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1, there are:

o    Indonesia AirAsia

o    Thai AirAsia X

o    AirAsia Berhad

o    Scoot Airlines

o    V Air

o    Sabaidee Airways

o    Malindo Air

o    Tigerair Taiwan

o    Siam Air Transport

o    Maldivial Airlines

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  1. Visas for entering Thailand

If you come from a western country, you will get the 30-day visa-free entry into Thailand. It is possible to extend it for another 60 days forward after the due date. You just need to come to one of the immigration centers in Thailand.

There are also tourist visas provided for most nationalities which allow travelers to enter Thailand within 60 days. It can be extended as well for 30 days at the nearest immigration centre. The tourist visas are available in single, double and triple options.

Remember that you can only apply for a tourist visa before entering Thailand. You can fill one at the arrival. Be sure to submit for the tourist visa 15 days in advance.

It is very important to prepare everything about Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 in advance when you are going to take a trip. To find the most affordable flight to Thailand, Airpaz is the right site to make the online booking.


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