Don Mueang Airport Terminal Facilities and Services

Don Mueang International Airport, which is one of the two international airports serving Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, provides several terminals to serve various types of flights. You can use each Don Mueang Airport terminal according to your needs while at the airport.

Each terminal also has several facilities and advantages that can pamper its passengers. If you are curious about the facilities available at each terminal, consider the following explanation.

Don Mueang Airport Terminals

Currently, there are two active terminals from DMK Airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Apart from that, there is also Terminal 3, which is in 2019 and is still in the planning stage. The terminal will operate after the construction period is completed in the 2020-2025 range.

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1
Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 /

Terminal 1 serves several domestic flights and specifically for all international flights. There are two levels in this terminal, namely:

1. First Level

At this first level, explicitly handling the arrival of passengers from both international and domestic. International arrivals are on the north side with gates 1 to 14 and 21-27.

Then on the south side, specifically for domestic arrivals, the gates are 31 to 37 and 41-48.

After going through the visa and passport control sections, you can find three baggage belts and claims and access to the Arrival Hall.

Some of the services available include banking services, currency exchange, fountains, public telephones, toilets, duty-free stores, post offices, and other services that help passengers.

2. Second Level

The next level, specifically for the Departures Hall, is also divided for domestic departures on the south side and international departures on the north side.

You can find airline counters and check-in counters before the security checkpoint and boarding area.

You can find many facilities on this second level, such as food and beverage outlets, ATMs, lounges, toilets, etc.

Both sides also provide many supporting facilities, including Muslim prayer rooms.

As for the Airport Lounge at Terminal 1, it consists of 3 types, namely:

  • Miracle Lounge No. 1. You can use this area anytime because it is open 24 hours. Some services you will get are snacks, Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, alcoholic drinks, TV, and premium food. Remember not to smoke here because this area is a non-smoking facility.
  • Miracle Lounge No. 2. Like the previous lounge, this area is also open 24 hours and is a non-smoking facility. The facilities you will get are the same as Miracle Lounge No.1.
  • The Coral Executive Lounge. This area offers more facilities because of the flight monitors. This helps you monitor flight schedules so you can get the correct agenda. This non-smoking area is also open 24 hours.

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2
Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2 /

At Don Mueang International Airport Terminal 2, specifically serving regional and domestic flights.

Because the number of passengers using it is more than 30 million people every year, the level of this terminal is also increasing to suit. There are four levels, namely:

1. First Level

The first level specifically handles domestic arrivals, where you can also find some transportation to get out of the airport area, such as buses and car rentals. On this first level, you can do baggage claims and customs.

Meanwhile, the Don Mueang Airport Domestic Terminal facilities are complete. You can use toilets, smoking areas, ATMs, water fountains, information counters, car rentals, retail, and so on.

2. Second Level

At this level is the Office level section and specifically for services. This office area is connected to parking lots two and P3, the Magic Food Park, and food concessions at the next level.

3. Third Level

The third level specifically handles domestic departures. You can find check-in counters and information counters.

There are many supporting facilities that you can use. You can use PRM toilets, smoking areas, VIP lounges, prayer rooms, tour service, currency exchange, etc.

4. Fourth Level

The fourth level is specifically a variety of service areas. Starting from sleep boxes, retail, water fountains, and others.

Then other supporting facilities such as pharmacy, VAT refund, medical services, banking facilities, and other supporting facilities are also available.

While there are three airport lounges at Terminal 2, namely:

  • Miracle Lounge. It provides premium food, Wi-Fi, new paper, flight monitors, snacks, magazines and newspapers, showers, alcoholic drinks, and TV. The opening hours are from 05.00 AM to 08.00 PM.
  • The Coral Executive Lounge. This lounge operates from 06.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Facilities are similar to Miracle lounges, but there are internet terminals.
  • Miracle Co-Working Space. The opening hours and facilities are the same as The Coral Executive Lounge. There is a conference room that you can rent.

The three lounges are non-smoking areas.

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 3

Don Mueang Airport Terminal 3
Don Mueang Airport Terminal 3 / Pixabay

Terminal 3 is the old domestic terminal area and has not been used since 2011. However, it will be reactivated after planning in 2019.

Inter-Terminal Transport

Inter-Terminal Transport
Inter-Terminal Transport / Pixabay

You can walk from Don Mueang Airport Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 because the distance is very close.

After knowing what the Don Mueang Airport terminal is like, your trip will be smoother. To make it even softer, remember to book flight tickets and hotels with Airpaz.


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