Don Mueang Airport Various Transportation Alternatives

Thailand has two international airports: Don Mueang Airport (or often called Don Mueang) and Suvarnabhumi Airport. The first one was the oldest international airport before Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened for public. Because Suvarnabhumi Airport is bigger, it is able to accommodate more passengers.

What about Don Mueang Airport? It still caters to flights, although more to domestic ones instead of the international ones. The airport is located around 20 kilometres away on the northern side of Bangkok. It is set by Nonthaburi Province and Pathum Tani Province as the boundaries. Moreover, the airport is surrounded by expressways that will guarantee travelling convenience and fast access. If you want to spend times on the town’s outskirt and you want to use the domestic flights, you probably think about using this airport – rather than going to Suvarnabhumi.

Bus Transportation

Don Mueang airport - Bus Transportation

Although there are different kinds of public transportations available from and to Don Mueang Airport, the bus is the most popular one – not to mention also the cheapest option. After all, the bus is convenient and comfy. In general, it takes 30 minutes to and from Bangkok – maximum is around an hour, depending on the traffic.

The old bus is orange while the new one is blue. But they are all comfortable with the air conditioner. Moreover, they are mostly express and direct so they don’t have many stops before coming to the destination. Keep in mind that tickets are generally paid onboard so use cash only. If you arrive at the airport, go to Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 on the first floor where they park.

From Don Mueang Airport, there are 5 different routes. Bus A1 is heading to BTS Mo Chit Station while bus A2 is heading to Victory Monument. Both buses are operating from 7 AM and 24 PM. The fare is 30 baht per person. If you are taking the bus, it can be quite uncomfortable for kids and for big luggage because there is no space. Moreover, it can be crowded. The trip generally takes more than 30 minutes. If you want, you can stop in the middle and continue with the train.

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Bus A3 is heading to Lumphini Park, costing 50 baht a person. The operational hour is from 7 AM to 23 PM. If you want to travel with convenience, this is the best one because you can reach many places without having to change lanes so much. Bus A4 is heading to Sanam Luang. It also costs 50 baht per person and operates from 7 AM to 23 PM. This is the perfect bus to go to Khao San area (or vice versa), especially for backpackers.

Bus A5 is heading to Future Park Rangsit. It costs 30 baht a person. The operating hour starts from 7 AM to 23 PM.

Other Options and Alternatives

Don Mueang airport - Hua Lamphong Bangkok Railway Station

Besides the bus, you have other options, including the train. There is no direct train service to the airport. You can reach the airport by train and get off at Hua Lamphong Bangkok Railway Station, which is situated 29 kilometres away. You can then stop at the rail link that is 800 meters away from the airport. You can easily reach it on foot.

Taxi is another option if you are willing to spend more money. From the airport terminal, you can find taxis at the Arrival Hall in Terminal 1 and also 2. It takes 30 minutes of ride to reach Bangkok. It is more convenient to use this service if you are travelling along with big luggage and kids. You may have to spend more money but taxis are operating 24 hours. Another option is to rent the car – especially if you are willing to deal with the traffic.

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