Don’t Miss, What to Do before Travelling to South Korea

South Korea is indeed a country that provides beautiful stories for your life. Starting from the charm of the tourism to the customs that are very unique and interesting to learn. You may be one of those who admire and makes this country one of the destinations that must be visited. South Korea itself has never been deserted by tourists.

Do These before Travelling to South Korea

There are many tourist attractions in Seoul that are interesting to visit. Korean Wave through K-pop and K-drama introduces this ginseng country so that many tourists flock in every year. If you are one of them, you might be planning your trip now. For you all who are still confused about what to do before travelling to South Korean, here is yours.

1. Itinerary or Travel Schedule

It is an important thing that you must plan before a vacation to South Korea. Given the many tourist destinations that are there, you need to make a travel schedule so that the tourism activities that you will do are really efficient. Prioritize the tourist destinations that you most want to visit and make the best use of your time. When preparing a travel schedule, make sure you already have a map of the area or tour that you want to visit.

By arranging a travel schedule according to the tourist attractions that you will go to can save time and expenses. As a reference, you can read the travel itinerary to South Korea on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you want to compile it yourself but also include the place, time and budget you need. While in South Korea, you can go shopping, culinary, cultural, to nature. You can visit some famous places, such as Bukcheon Hanok Village, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Myeongdong, Namdaemun, or Insadong.

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2. Planning before Going to South Korea

The success of a vacation usually lies in careful planning and is done long ago. At a minimum, plan a vacation that you want to do two or three months before. At that time you should look for a lot of information on the location of the vacation and also how much it will cost. Besides looking for it on the internet, you can discuss it with your travel companion. Focus on preparation of travel itinerary and special vacation funds! This can help you in determining the costs needed for lodging rentals, tourist destinations, and transportation to the entrance fee to each tourist attraction.


3. Determine the city you will visit

This is something that must be considered because South Korea has big cities that you can visit. In addition, every city in South Korea has various types of tours that you can enjoy. Maybe for you, lovers of K-pop 6 famous cities will be the main destination that is worth visiting during this vacation to the land of Ginseng. South Korea presents exciting tours from nature, culture, to culinary. 6 cities that can be referenced for you to visit are Seoul, Jeonju, Jeju, Busan, Daejeon, and Chuncheon.

4. Determine the time of visit to South Korea

What to do before travelling to South Korean knowing about the subtropical country. This means South Korea has four seasons. Winter starts from early December to March. Spring starts from mid-March – May. Summer starts from July to September and autumn starts from October to November. Knowing this will give you the convenience of choosing a fun and memorable place because every season has a variety of unique tourist variants that you can enjoy. In addition, you can also prepare the needs that you will bring so that you are not wrong in choosing the costume.

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