Dubai Airport: Terminal Facilities & Transports

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world.

It has three spacious terminals as one of the fanciest airports ever to be built.

At first, you may get overwhelmed by the hustling people and big venues.

Therefore, you will need this guide to ensure you have a safe flight and enjoyable experience at Dubai Airport: Terminals.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Dubai International Airport has three terminals. The terminal is divided based on the route, flight, and function.

Moreover, the three terminals also have different capacities.

Terminal 1 has a bigger capacity than terminal 2, with terminal 3 having the most significant number of passengers.

What are the functions, routes, and differences between the three? Here is the explanation.

Dubai Airport: Terminals 1

Dubai Airport Terminal 1
Dubai Airport Terminal 1 / unsplash

The Dubai International Airport Terminal 1 is the first and oldest terminal among the three terminals.

Furthermore, it can serve more than 60 international flight carriers. Also, it consists of three levels and one Concourse.

1. Level 1

This level is for the departure section. Passengers can check in and have the oversize baggage checked here.

This is the first gate when you want to return from your vacation.

Services: self-service shop, lounges for minors, food court, free WiFi.

2. Level 2

The next level is level 2 for the arrivals. You can find the immigration checking service.

In addition, you will also find the E-gates here. It is located near level 1.

Services: Porter service, arrival shops, a lounge for baggage.

3. Level 3

Level 3 is specifically for services and facilities for passengers while waiting for their flight’s arrival or departure.

Services: Food court, rest area, waiting room

4. Concourse D

Concourse D has five airline lounges and 350 daily services. Moreover, the Concourse is also the place to hold around 90 million passengers.

Dubai Airport: Terminals 2

 Dubai Airport Terminal 2
Dubai Airport Terminal 2 / unsplash

Next, the terminal in Dubai airport is Terminal 2. In order to know the exact location of terminal 2, you can see the board that shows the Dubai Airport map of all terminals.

Terminal 2 is located the North of Terminal 1.

1. Level 1

Level 1 is the opening gate for flight arrivals. Thus, passengers can check out from this level.

Services: currency exchange offices, parking lots

2. Level 2

The next is the Level 2 gate. It is the onboarding gate where passengers who have checked in wait for ticket validation.

Since it is an immigration check, they will allow you to go in once you pass the check.

Services: restaurant and cafeterias, waiting lounge

3. Level 3

The third level is the departure gate. It also provides ticket checking for customers and verification to ensure all baggage is safe.

Services: special case handling, waiting lounge, food and beverage store.

4. Level 4

The Level 4 terminal is the same as level 1. It functions as an arrival gate for flights.

People usually wait for their relatives here. Unaccompanied minors also have a special lounge for their safety here.

Service; waiting lounge, ATM cashier, restaurant. 

Dubai Airport: Terminals 3

The last is Terminal 3. It is the most entertaining terminal as most refreshment stalls are here. Just like the other two, it also has four levels.

1. Level 1

Level 1 is the arrival port, where you can find some refreshments.

Also, if you just arrived and want some rest, you can book a room in the Dubai International airport hotel here.

Service: medical center, a lounge for minors, hotel reservation, restaurant in Dubai airport map terminal 3.

2. Level 2

The second level is the onboarding pass, which passengers can pass through it before level 1. It also acts as a transit area.

Service: boarding pass checking

3. Level 3

This level is at the front, where you can purchase a ticket, check in, and submit your luggage.

Hence, if you are about to return to your country, you will be here first.

Service: a lounge for minors, tv, and refreshments.

4. Concourse

Terminal 3 has three concourses. They are Concourse A, B, and C to hold more capacity.

Hence, make sure you know which Concourse you will need to wait for your flight or your arrival.

Inter-terminal Transports

Inter-terminal Transports
Inter-terminal Transports / unsplash

One thing you should know before landing at Dubai airport is you need to transfer within three terminals.

The terminal you should be in depends on the airline and departure time.

Worry not! You can go to each terminal using a free terminal shuttle. It operates for seven days and 24 hours.

In addition, terminal 1 and terminal 3 are also interconnected through the transit area.

Aside from internal transportation, you can also use the Dubai metro bus to reach the airport.

Thus, ensure you follow the inquiry on your ticket to know which terminal you should go to first.

That is all about Dubai Airport: Terminals you should know. Now you can book a flight ticket to Dubai by visiting Airpaz.

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