Duty-Free Shop at Abu Dhabi Airport: Best Place to Buy Gifts

Duty-Free Shop at Abu Dhabi Airport is an important part of the airport that you need to know about. The presence of the Abu Dhabi Airport shop can help you find various international products at affordable and easy-to-obtain prices.

In the following article, we will present a list of stores and some of the passengers’ favorite brands to serve as your reference.

Duty-Free Shop at Abu Dhabi Airport

Duty-Free Shops at Abu Dhabi Airport
Duty-Free Shops at Abu Dhabi Airport / Pixabay

Before shopping at a duty-free shop, for those of you who need to become more familiar with this term, you must ask what is duty-free shop at the airport.

You should know about this duty-free concept because it is very helpful for passengers who want to shop for themselves or for souvenirs. A duty-free shop means that the goods you buy at the airport will not be subject to duties or taxes.

When shopping at any store within the airport, you can shop for a lot cheaper. This is the opposite if you shop outside the duty-free shop because there is a tax that you have to pay.

That way, you must be curious about the Abu Dhabi duty-free shop price list and its products.

Currently, there are two duty-free shops in this international airport. Both are Abu Dhabi Duty-Free and DFS Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Both have been in the duty-free world for a long time and provide various brands and products with guaranteed quality. You can shop at either or both of these stores when visiting Abu Dhabi Airport.

There are various product variations that you can find. Starting from fashion products, makeup, skincare, and perfume, or just wanting to discover Abu Dhabi duty-free chocolate prices.

Check out the full explanation of the two stores below:

1. Abu Dhabi Duty-Free

Abu Dhabi Duty-Free
Abu Dhabi Duty-Free / Pixabay

This duty-free shop at Abu Dhabi Airport has handled all food & beverages, retail, and service operations since 1984. You can access Abu Dhabi Duty-Free for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about coming too early or too late to this area.

You can find many skincare brands, cosmetics, watches, electronics, jewelry, clothing, and perfumes at this duty-free shop. The products in this store adapt to the Middle Eastern market target but are still suitable for international guests.

You can visit this duty-free area for culinary fans because there are many restaurant and cafe locations. You can choose various dishes according to your taste.

Several restaurants and cafes in Abu Dhabi Duty-Free include Camden Food Co, CNN Traveler Cafe, Montreux Jazz Cafe, Negroni, Yum Cha, Shawarmanji, and others.

Other products you can find at Abu Dhabi Duty-Free include

  • Snacks, especially chocolate. You can find various brands of chocolate at varying prices. The price range for Abu Dhabi Duty-Free snack products is 27.00 – 145.00 AED.
  • Fragrance products for women and men from various world-famous brands. You can buy fragrances from Bvlgari, Versace, Channel, Dior, and so on with a price range of 45.00 – 1,014.00 AED.
  • Watches, priced at 1,539.00 – 1,282.00 AED.
  • Souvenirs, like clothes, gifts, and accessories, for 17.00 – 132.00 AED.

Besides being able to shop directly at the store, you can also shop online through the official website. After registering, you can select products and pay online. Your goods will be delivered and can be picked up at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

2. DFS Abu Dhabi International Airport

DFS Abu Dhabi International Airport
DFS Abu Dhabi International Airport / Pixabay

DFS is a duty-free shop that has been operating for a long time at world airports, namely since 1960. More than 750 brands and 850 have collaborated with DFS worldwide. The store located at the Abu Dhabi airport will also provide quality products for you.

You can buy several product categories through DFS: food & gifts, fashion & accessories, wines & spirits, watches & jewelry, and beauty & fragrances. Because the personality of this brand is luxurious, DFS products are certainly only premium quality products.

Even though the personality or image of DFS is selling luxury goods, this place still maintains local values. You can find international styles that mix with culture and experience, like shopping at a local place, even if the shop is in an airport.

Famous product brands that you can find include Calvin Klein, Bvlgari, Channel, Dior, Cadbury, Chloe, Estee Lauder, and so on.

Because it is in-store shopping, you can visit it at Abu Dhabi International Airport E11. No need to worry about opening hours, because the shop is open 24 hours daily.

Because it focuses more on offline sales, you can check the price of each product in the shop directly. Or you can also check the official website of each brand because the prices will be similar.

After knowing that the Abu Dhabi Airport duty-free shop offers a wide selection of products and brands, you can shop. You can spend more because there is no tax. By the way, if you need a plane ticket or hotel, remember to order it on Airpaz!


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