Duty-free Shop at Cebu Airport – Location and What to Buy

Sometimes passengers still have a few hours before their scheduled departure. If you also experience this when you visit Cebu, you can spend your spare time exploring the duty-free shop at Cebu airport. To get more details, read the complete information below.

Duty-free Shops at Cebu Airport

Duty-free Shop at Cebu Airport

Around two years ago, the airport underwent renovation. One of the new sections built is the Airport Village. This area currently contains more than 10 shops, including Cebu airport duty-free, that offer various items ranging from accessories to electronic goods.

Duty-free Shop Philippines (DFP)

Duty-free Shop Philippines (DFP) // Duty-free Shops at Cebu Airport

The duty-free Cebu Mactan Airport is situated at T1’s Airport Village and South Wing Pre-Terminal. The shops provide various types of items, such as the following:

  • Confectionery & Gourmet Food

There are various items, such as cookies, chips, sweets, candies, chocolates, etc., at DFP. These products come from world-renowned brands such as Godiva, Nestle, Cadbury, Mentos, Snickers, Almond Roca, and many others. 

Apart from that, there are also other products such as corned beef, pasta sauce, plum syrup, fruit compote, etc. You can purchase these products starting at 80 PHP (1.47 USD).

  • Liquor & Tobacco

At duty-free shop Cebu Philippines, you can also buy liquor products from brands, such as Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, Macallan, Gray Goose, Malibu, Martini, etc. Prices for these items start at 15 USD.

  • Fashion & Accessories

DFP also provides fashion and accessories for adults and children, such as outerwear, t-shirts, bags, shoes, glasses, and so on. Well-known brands like Lacoste and many others make these products.

  • Electronics

DFP Cebu Airport also provides various electronic products such as hair dryers, shavers, hair straighteners, etc. These products are available at prices starting at 700 PHP (12.83 USD).

  • Jewelry & Watches

DFP MCIA also provides products such as watches for men and women from brands such as Anne Klein, Guess, Skagen, Michael Kors, etc.

  • Perfumes & Cosmetics

Here is one of the options if you need help deciding what to buy in duty-free Philippines. You can purchase perfumes or cosmetics as a gift when you fly back home.

You can find more than 30 perfume and cosmetic brands for men and women at this DFP Mactan-Cebu, such as Estee Lauder, SKII, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Mont Blanc, Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. These products are available at 300 PHP (5.50 USD).

Ceburiffic Pasalubong Center

Ceburiffic Pasalubong Center // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

It is one of the souvenir shops at this airport, precisely situated in the South Wing Pre-terminal of T1. In this shop you can shop for various Filipino products such as Bohol Peanut Kisses, Dried Mango, Titay Rosquillos, Shamrock Otap, etc. 

Candy Corner

Candy corner // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

This shop is in the North Wing of T1’s Pre-Departure. Passengers can buy various types of chocolates and candies from international brands such as Bazooka, Jelly Belly, Wonka, Ghirardelli, etc. Meanwhile, prices for products here start from 104 PHP (1.91 USD).

WH Smith

WH Smith // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

This store is located in T1’s Pre-Departure North and South Wing. In this shop, travelers can buy various types of merchandise such as travel accessories, tobacco, electronics, beverages, and books. 

Atin Ito Pasalubong

Atin Ito Pasalubong // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

It is another souvenir shop that provides local handmade products and Filipino delicacies. The shop is managed by Guido Ylaya Corporation (GYC) and is located in T1’s Departure North Wing. 

Products that you can find at this shop include dried mango, cashew nuts, Calamansi juice with honey, handmade woven rattan bags, ceramics mugs, etc. Product prices are around 99-300 PHP (1.81-5.50 USD).


It is a Philippines fashion brand that provides quality products at affordable prices. Fashion products in this store are available for both men and women, from underwear to outerwear. Prices for items in this shop start at 100 PHP (1.83 USD).

Island Souvenirs

Island Souvenirs // Duty-free Shops at Cebu Airport

As the name implies, this shop provides typical Filipino souvenirs such as t-shirts, hats, handbags, tote bags, etc. The store has 2 locations, namely at the north wing of T1’s Check-in area and the south wing of T1’s Pre-Departure.

The Shoppes

The Shoppes // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

The Shoppes is at T1’s Pre Departure. This store provides beauty and perfume products from brands such as L’Oreal, Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, etc. Additionally, prices for beauty care products in this shop start from 700 PHP (12.83 USD).

Watch Republic

duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

This shop is in T1’s South Wing Pre-Departure. There are various kinds of watch collections for men and women with various styles and designs ranging from classic to luxury. Prices for watches in this shop are set at 1400 PHP (25.66 USD).

District Fiesta

District Fiesta // duty-free shop at Cebu Airport

Visit this store while you are duty-free shopping Philippines. This souvenir shop is in 2 locations: the South Wing of T1’s Pre-Terminal and Pre-Departure. 

In this shop, you can find various Filipino souvenirs in the form of special snacks, paintings, wooden hand-painted toys, ethnic ceramic mugs, etc. These products are available with prices starting from 129 PHP (2.36 USD).

That’s all about the duty-free shop at Cebu Airport that you must know. Book your flights and hotels via Airpaz to save more coins on your trip. Hope this helps!


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