Duty-free Shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport: Best Products You Can Find

After completing your vacation in Ho Chi Minh City or other areas of Vietnam, of course, you want to buy some souvenirs to take home. One of the best places to visit is the duty-free shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport. You can buy various local and foreign products without being taxed.

What products can you find in Ho Chi Minh International Airport shops? Check out the full explanation in the article below!

Duty-Free Shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Duty-Free Shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Some of the popular products that travelers often look for duty-free at the airport are cosmetics, fashion products, perfumes, jewelry, alcohol, etc. You can find these products at Sasco Duty-Free.

Sasco Duty-Free is a company that houses various local and international brands. So you can find the brand you want to look for.

Sasco was established in 1993 and is a company that provides many services for Ho Chi Minh Airport. The services include transportation, a business lounge, spas,  sleep zones, food, and beverages.

This Ho Chi Minh City Airport duty-free has more than 20 booths, and the locations are spread across Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the departure hall area. This position is undoubtedly very strategic because it is intended for passengers who want to leave Ho Chi Minh City. However, some shops are also open in the arrivals hall.

But remember, when shopping at one of Vietnam duty-free locations, you are only not charged taxes at Ho Chi Minh Airport. When you arrive in your home country, you still need to pay duty for the product.

Then what is the list of products you can buy in Ho Chi Minh duty-free? Check out the list in the next section!

1. Confectionery and Chocolate Products

Duty-Free Shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Confectionery and chocolate products are the most sought-after types of souvenirs brought home by travelers. This is because these products are suitable for all ages and relatively small in size, so they can fit a lot in your suitcase.

Although there are many brands you can find in your own country, some chocolate and confectionery products are specifically made for certain countries. Therefore, you can hunt for these products at the Ho Chi Minh Airport duty-free chocolate shop.

Some brands you can find here include Cadbury, Belgian, Daim, Chupa Chups, Ferrero, Haribo, Godiva, Hershey’s, Kinder, M&M’s, Patons, Toblerone, Smarties, and other brands. The price of the product ranges from 11 USD and above.

2. Fashion Products

Hugo Boss Fashion

Fashion products are no less interesting than confectionery and chocolate, especially for fans of the fashion world. In this duty-free shop, you can find various fashion items for women and men.

Some types of products that you can find include shoes, clothes, pants, bags, scarves, and others. Compared to other duty-free shops at airports, the choice of international brands you can find is quite limited.

You can find some brands: Coach, Victoria’s Secret, Burberry, Montblanc, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

3. Cosmetics, Perfumes, and Skincare Products

Duty-Free Shop at Ho Chi Minh City Airport

If you like collecting various types and brands of skincare, then looking for cosmetic stores at the airport can be fun. Especially if the product you are looking for is unavailable in your country or the price is higher.

You can find various skincare and cosmetics at Ho Chi Minh Airport, including facial wash, serums, moisturizers, sunscreen, and others. Meanwhile, cosmetic products include lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush, and others.

Not only that, but to look more charming and increase your confidence, you need perfume. The perfumes here are also available from various brands and types.

Some brands that provide these three products include Biotherm, BVL, Burberry, Chanel, Calvin Klein, Chloe, Clinique, Christian Dior, DKNY, Davidoff, Elizabeth Arden, Giorgino Armani, Guerlain, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, and others.

The price also varies; you can get one of these products starting at 11 USD.

4. Jewelry and Accessories Products

Jewelry and Accessories Products

Jewelry and accessories, besides being used as souvenirs, can also be made as gifts for yourself. You can also gift unique and rare accessories for loved ones so they get a meaningful gift.

Just like confectionery products, the sizes of jewelry and accessories are also relatively small, so they won’t take up space in the suitcase. You can also increase the quantity of this product.

Some types of products that are much sought after by women and men are glasses, earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, and others.

The choice of brands that provide these products is also extensive. Dior, Burberry, Adidas, Diesel, Coach, Disney, Gucci, Guess, Lego, Oakley, Prada, Pandora, Rayban, Swarovski, and others.

With all the products in the duty-free shop at Ho Chi Minh Airport, you can bring various souvenirs for your loved ones at home. So, if you’re planning a trip to Ho Chi Minh, remember to make your booking easier by booking it on Airpaz


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