The Duty-Free Shop at Istanbul Airport: Things You Should Know

You must be perplexed when seeking inexpensive souvenirs in Turkey. No need to be concerned; simply search for a duty-free Shop at Istanbul Airport. Check all the specifics here so you don’t have to wait.

Duty-free Shop at Istanbul Airport

When you visit Turkey, you will almost surely buy some souvenirs to bring back to your loved ones back home. On the other hand, it’s conceivable that your budget does not allow for the purchase of mementos.

Aside from the high cost of imported souvenirs, the tax is also fairly hefty. It makes you reconsider purchasing several mementos. But you don’t have to worry about that because there are several duty-free shops at Istanbul Airport.

In many shops at Istanbul Airport, you may choose from a wide range of goods from well-known brands. Simply go to a store labeled Unifree Duty-Free. 

In most situations, the retail operator Unifree is in charge of overseeing a variety of duty-free shops at Istanbul Airport and other international airports.

The Duty-Free area at Istanbul Airport is divided into nine sections that house various concepts. There are duty-free shops with the themes Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High&Lux Hills, and Style Beach.

Aside from that, the businesses sell a diverse selection of goods. Accessories, jewelry, watches, children’s apparel, toys, domestic textiles, luxury gadgets, and other items are examples.

Unifree Duty-Free also provides cutting-edge retail technology in various stores at Istanbul Airport. 3D Hologram systems, smart shopping carts that can be replenished, mobile payments, and other innovations

Unifree also includes a shopping analysis system to improve the buying experience. One of the most recent and popular technologies is ‘Magic Mirror.’ Buyers may see watches, glasses, accessories, apparel, and make-up without having to try them on.

Furthermore, using an electronic customer profile system, stores can provide their clients with unique services and products.

For your information, the overall sales area of Unifree duty-Free is 55,000 sqm. The premier boutique store has 18,000 sqm in size. The traditional Duty-Free shop is 34,000 square meters in size, with a market area of roughly 3,000 sqm.

To avoid confusion when locating the following duty-free shops, Unifree based their location at Istanbul Airport.

Unifree in Arrival Floor 

Unifree in Arrival Floor
Unifree in Arrival Floor / Freepik

In the arrivals area, there are various unifree shops. The shop offers a selection of things for passengers who will shop at the beginning of their journey. Also for transit travelers. Among these stores are:

  • Unifree Bosphorus

Unifree, which is located on the Bosphorus, offers a wide range of goods. Toys for youngsters, candy, chocolate, clothing, bags, all types of alcoholic beverages and wine, cigarettes, Turkish tea and coffee, and a variety of other products are available.

  • Unifree Pier F – Across 9

Then there’s Unifree in pier F – Across 9. Clothing, bags, authentic Turkish tea, local and foreign publications, and other products are also available in the shop.

  • Unifree International Arrivals Baggage Claim

Apart from that, there is a Unifree shop near the International Arrivals Baggage Claim site. This shop sells local foods and drinks, as well as perfumes, sweets, and chocolates.

  • Unifree iGA Lounge

Unifree is also available in the iGA Lounge. This business sells a wide range of alcoholic beverages and wines from various brands. There’s also traditional Turkish delicacies, literature, cigarettes, glasses, and perfume.

  • Unifree Pier A – Across 6

This Unifree also sells all types of alcoholic beverages and wine, cigarettes, chocolate, candy, and Turkish snacks.

  • Unifree Pier A – Across 3

Unifree, like the previous store, sells alcoholic beverages and wine of all brands. Then there were cigarettes, perfume, glasses, and local beverages.

  • Unifree Pier B – Across 6

This Unifree shop, like others, sells foreign alcoholic beverages and numerous brands of wine. Perfumes, purses, clothing, and chocolates are also available.

Aside from these establishments, there are several Unifree stores on the Arrival Floor. There is a shop in Bosphorus – zone 1, as well as in Pier D – Across 7 and Pier B – Across 8.

C Pier – zone 4, C Pier-zone 5, D Pier – Zone 5, and Pier A – Below The Youth Lounge also have shops. All of these stores sell products that are similar in nature.

Unifree in International Terminal – Departure Floor

Unifree in International Terminal
Unifree in International Terminal / Freepik

For Unifree which is on the Departure Floor, there are only two locations. And all of them are in the International Terminal of Istanbul Airport.

The two locations are in the Bosphorus – Zone 8 and Bosphorus – Zone 6. Unifree at the two locations also sells several items that are not much different.

For example, alcoholic beverages, wine, cigarettes, candy, chocolate, tea and coffee are native to Turkey. Then there are perfumes, clothes, bags, perfume, glasses, local beverages and more.

There is No Reason to be Perplexed!

That’s all there is to know about the duty-free shop at Istanbul Airport. If you require additional information, please visit Airpaz, which is comprehensive and dependable.


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