Duty-free Shop at Kathmandu Airport – Know Before You Go

Waiting at the airport is something most people don’t enjoy. You can get rid of the boredom by tasting the culinary delights around the airport or doing other things such as exploring the duty-free shops. So, the following is information about the duty-free shop at Kathmandu Airport for you.

Duty-free Shops at Kathmandu Airport

duty-free shop at Kathmandu Airport

Kathmandu Airport divides the goods you bring overseas to Nepal into 2 categories. The first category is a group of goods that are free of tax, such as:

  • 1 liter of alcohol,
  • 50 grams of gold / 500 grams of silver jewels,
  • Up to 7 kg of food items, etc.

On the other hand, the second category is a group of goods for which you have to pay 40% tax when passing through the Nepal airport. Some of them are:

  • Up to 10 kg of food items,
  • 15 sets of cosmetics and clothes,
  • 200 pcs cigarettes and 50 pcs cigars, etc.

This new regulation comes into force in January 2023. Because of this regulation, many travelers are considering buying goods at the Kathmandu airport duty free.

The following is complete information about the duty-free shop from this airport.

Kathmandu Duty-free

duty-free shop at Kathmandu Airport

The duty-free at Tribhuvan Airport is managed directly by the Nepal government, which also manages the Tribhuvan airport. The shops are located at the Arrival Hall near the Immigration Desks and at the Departures Hall, L1 of the International Terminal.

Apart from renovations and improvements in several parts of the airport, such as the addition of a baby feeding area in the Departure Hall, Kathmandu Airport Duty-free stores also have a rearrangement on their interior and exterior.

For further details, here is the following information.

1. Organic & Gift Shop

Kathmandu Airport duty free

This shop provides various items such as Nepalese scarfs called Pachheuri, Nepali instruments, magnets, key chains, ceramic mugs, snowball globes, Nepali trinkets made of brass, etc. Mugs or glasses decorated with Himalayan mountains paintings in the Nepalese style are available at prices starting from 700 NPR ( 5.31 USD)

Additionally, there are handicraft items made by locals, for example, Nepalese handmade soaps, fragrant oils, and so on. These products are sold at prices starting from 500 NPR (3.80 USD). You can also buy a T-shirt here for only 500 NPR (3.80 USD).

Apart from that, you can also buy souvenirs for your family at home, such as organic Nepali coffee or tea. 

A pack of Nepali Tea is around 600 NPR (4.55 USD), while organic Nepali Coffee is available for 500-2.000 NPR (3.80 – 15.18 USD). You can also buy Nepalese spices like Masala Spice with prices starting at 80 NPR (0.61 USD).

2. The Liquor Shop Johnnie Walker

duty-free shop at Kathmandu Airport

The Liquor Shop Johnnie Walker is on L1, between the Ncell SIM Card Center and ShakyaMuni Money Exchange. As the name implies, this store sells various types of alcoholic beverages, which majority are from the Johnnie Walker brand.

After the expansion and improvement in several parts of the airport, this Kathmandu Airport duty-free liquor store now also has a new look with a cleaner, modern and luxurious design.

In this shop, products from standard Scotch to Premium Scotch are available. Product variants available from this brand include Red Label, Blue Label, Black Label, Gold Label, Green Label, and Swing.

You can buy the various variants above at The Liquor Shop at a 5-15% cheaper price than the liquor price in downtown Kathmandu’s shops. For a J/W Blue Label bottle, the price is around 96.500 NPR (732.44 USD).

Meanwhile, a bottle of Premium Scotch, like J/W King George V, has a price range of 16.200 NPR (122.96 USD). 

In addition, other standard scotch from Johnnie Walker, such as J/W Gold Label Reserve, J/W Double Black, J/W Green Label Reserve, and J/W Red label, have a price range of around 17300-33800 NPR (131.31-256.54 USD) / bottle.

3. Tea/Coffee & Confectionery Shop

Kathmandu Airport duty free

The Tea/Coffee & Confectionery Shop is located in the Departure hall of the International Terminal, opposite Gate 4 to be precise.

This store does not only provide dine-in food and drinks. In this shop, you can find various snack products such as canned drinks, canned juice, chocolate gift sets, Nepalese chips, Wafer snacks, original/roasted cashew nuts, and so on. 

The drink has a price range of 150 – 350 NPR (1.14-2.66 NPRT). Meanwhile, packaged snacks such as cashew nuts are available at prices starting at 350 – 400 NPR (2.66 – 3.04 USD).

4. Liquor and Tobacco Shop

Kathmandu Airport duty free

This Kathmandu Airport shop has various liquor products, such as Tequila, Rum, Vodka, Cognac, Gin, Whiskey, Brandy, Scotch, Single Malts, etc. The liquor products also come from well-known brands such as Heineken, Martell, Jack Daniels, Balvenie Portwood, Gordons, Bacardi, etc.

This store also provides liquor products from local brands such as Yarchagumba beverages. The price for a 750 ml bottle of Yarchagumba is around 11000 NPR (83.49 USD). Meanwhile, the cost of tobacco products is 210-350 NPR (1.59-2.66 USD).

That’s all about the duty-free shops at Kathmandu Airport that you need to know. Are you planning a trip to Nepal? Book your flight tickets and hotel via Airpaz. Hope this helps! 


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