List of Products You Can Buy at Duty-Free Shop at Mumbai Airport

When on vacation to various countries in the world, shopping is one of the mandatory things to do. If you come to Mumbai, many of the best products are waiting at the duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport. You can find products you want to gift to your family at home.

What products can you buy at Mumbai Airport duty-free? Check out the complete list in the article below!

Duty-Free Shop at Mumbai Airport

duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Duty-Free is a provider of various duty-free products at Mumbai Airport. You can find shops scattered in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 so that access to find your target product is closer.

Women, men, and children can find their favorite products from various brands affiliated with Mumbai Duty-Free so that everyone will be happy.

As you already know, if you shop at a duty-free airport shop, you will not be subject to product tax at the airport. The new tax applies after arriving at the airport of each country so that expenses will be much more efficient.

At Mumbai Duty-Free, you can find several products, such as liquor, food and candies, tobacco, cosmetics, souvenirs, accessories, and apparel. Are you intrigued by brands and prices? Let’s look at the list below!

1. Beauty Products

Beauty Products

Fans of beauty products will undoubtedly be aware of the types of products that are much sought after when people visit this duty-free shop. You can gift these beauty products to relatives and friends at home or for personal use.

Several world-famous brands that have shops in the Mumbai Duty-Free area include Giorgio Armani, Azzaro, Carolina Herrera, Montblanc, Lancome, Burberry, Gucci, Loreal, Paco Rabanne, YSL, and other brands.

Here you can find Mumbai Airport duty-free perfumes, skincare, cosmetics, and toiletries for both women and men. Prices for these cosmetic products range from 1300 to 13,550 INR (15.99 to 166.71 USD).

2. Confectioneries Products

Confectioneries Products

Food with a sweet taste has its place in the hearts of travelers, so many people deliberately buy these various products to return to their country after their vacation.

You can find many Mumbai Airport duty-free chocolates at various prices and brands. Chocolate can be gifted to various age groups, including children, so that it can be the safest choice of souvenirs.

Some of the chocolate brands you can find include KitKat, Ferrero, Toblerone, Lindt, Cadbury, M&M, and other popular brands.

Prices for these chocolate products range from 290 to 4,150 INR (3.57 to 51.06 USD).

3. Liquor Products

duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport

Alcoholic drinkers will find plenty of duty-free liquor shops at Mumbai Airport so that you can bring some home for yourself or as a gift.

The types of alcoholic drinks that you can find in this third product category include whiskey, wine, tequila, vodka, rum, gin, liqueur, champagne, and cognac. It varies, doesn’t it?

Due to a large number of alcoholic beverages available, the number of producer brands automatically increases.

Several brands that have opened their shops at Mumbai’s pride airport include Absolut, Ciroc, Gordon’s, Jack Daniel, Bacardi, Chita, Glen Keith, Balvenie, Beluga, Dalmore, Hazelwood, Johnnie Walker, and other brands.

You can bring a bottle of this alcoholic drink from 1,450 to 85,000 INR (17.84 to 1045.79 USD).

4. Toys Products

duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport

Toys are children’s favorite items when they get souvenirs from people who are on vacation. Toys not only make them happy but can also be a medium of learning if they are given suitable toys.

One of the toys that can provide a learning experience while playing is lego. Luckily at Mumbai Airport Duty-Free, you can buy Lego-produced toys.

Even though it’s only from one brand, in this duty-free shop, You can purchase many types of lego. All of them have different difficulties and levels of excitement. Therefore, adjust the lego to the age of the child who will receive it.

A set of lego toys ranges from 140 to 23,740 INR (1.72 to 292.08 USD).

5. Travel Exclusive

duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Duty Free also provides product alternatives specifically for each traveler. This exclusive travel can help you buy special product packages without worrying about what gifts to give your loved ones.

These travel exclusive offers souvenirs, typical Indian products, skincare travel sizes, perfumes, toiletries, and various other travel-friendly products.

The size of this product is generally also smaller, so it can save storage space in your suitcase.

Prices for these exclusive travel products range from 3,850 to 7,400 INR (47.37 to 91.05 USD).

All of the products in the duty-free shop at Mumbai Airport above are items you must buy. But to be able to shop, you have to book a flight to Mumbai first. To make it easier and faster, you can order it at Airpaz! Remember to download the app too. 


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