Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport: Discover Shopping Paradise

An absolute must on your travel itinerary is a delightful visit to the duty-free shop at Palma Airport. As the largest duty-free shop in Europe, Palma Airport’s duty-free shop offers a diverse range of products, from luxury goods to local treasures, all while enjoying the perks of tax-free shopping. It’s a golden opportunity that shouldn’t be left on the table!

Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport

Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport

Does Palma Airport have duty-free shops? Yes, Palma Airport does have duty-free shops, similar to most other international airports. In fact, Palma Airport’s duty-free store is recognized as one of the most extensive duty-free outlets among European airports.

Rather than being confined to a single location, Palma Airport’s duty-free options are spread throughout almost the entire airport area. The main duty-free shop, Mallorca Duty-Free, is situated on the fourth floor next to the checkpoint. For additional locations, mini Palma airport shops can be found near departure Gate A (north area), B (eastern area), and D (southern area).

During peak seasons, such as summer, Palma Airport’s duty-free opening times are 24 hours, allowing access at any time. However, in winter, the operating hours are adjusted to coincide with passenger departure times, typically opening from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

In addition to serving departing passengers, the duty-free shop at Palma Airport is also open to recently arrived passengers. Therefore, if you wish to purchase duty-free items before leaving the airport and enjoy them during your holiday in Majorca, you can do so!

Things to Buy in Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport

A girl shopping at Palma Duty-free shops

In duty-free shop at Palma Airport, you can find a wide variety of items extending beyond just food, including fashion items and liquor. To elaborate, the duty-free shop at Palma Airport offers a diverse range of products, including:

1. Eyewear

Eyewear products that you can find at Palma Airport Duty-free

Enhance your holiday style by donning the fashionable eyeglasses you purchased in the duty-free shop at Palma Airport. You have the opportunity to acquire stylish eyewear from prestigious brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Polaroid, elevating your holiday look.

The prices of eyewear at the duty-free shop at Palma Airport vary. For premium brands, your entry point into luxury starts at a tempting EUR 200 or USD 218.

2. Watches

Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport watch products

If you have an interest in watches or are in search of a brand-new timepiece, you’ll find a selection in the duty-free shop at Palma Airport. Whether you prefer ladies’ or men’s watches, there are numerous variations available from Sekonda, a well-known British-designed brand celebrated for its high quality.

For those interested, this timepiece can be acquired at a reasonably budget-friendly cost, with prices ranging from EUR 35.00/USD 38.17 to EUR 70.00/USD 76.33.

3. Perfumes

Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport perfume store

Numerous fragrances are available for purchase at Mallorca Duty Free. The duty-free boutique offers a wide variety of perfumes, including both sweet and masculine scents. 

Luxury perfume houses such as Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Kenzo, Bvlgari, and Givenchy stock their shelves here. If you enjoy hunting for well-known perfumes, make sure to explore the selection at the duty-free shop area.

For a price comparison, the Dior J’Adore Parfum D’Eau perfume is priced at around EUR 125 or USD 136.31 outside the duty-free area, whereas within the duty-free zone, it is available for EUR 100 or USD 109.05. What an amazing price!

4. Skincare

A woman buying a skincare product at Palma airport Duty-free

To reduce your future expenses, consider purchasing skincare products in duty-free zones where prices are generally more budget-friendly. In terms of skincare, Palma duty-free prices offer a more affordable option.

At Mallorca Duty-Free, you’ll find a diverse range of skincare items, ranging from mass-market options to high-end ones. Popular brands like L’Oréal Paris, Lancôme, Shiseido, L’Occitane, and Clinique are available.

For mass-market skincare brands like L’Oréal Paris, prices start at EUR 19.95 or USD 21.75. On the other hand, premium skincare brands such as Clinique or Lancôme are available starting from EUR 35.00 or USD 38.17 and above.

5. Chocolate and Sweets

Duty-free shops at Palma airport chocolate products

Do you enjoy sweets? The duty-free zones at Palma Airport offer a variety of chocolates and sweets, providing a delightful treat for your upcoming vacation or journey. Alternatively, you can stock up on candies and chocolates to share with loved ones right at home.

You can find several legendary chocolates and sweet brands such as Lindt, Toblerone, Delaviuda, Skittles, and Chupa Chups here. The prices are relatively affordable; you can get chocolate starting from EUR 5.00 or USD 5.45. Meanwhile, you can purchase sweets for EUR 3.00 or USD 3.27.

6. Liquor

Duty-free Shop at Palma Airport Liquor

For those who enjoy beverages, the duty-free area offers a selection of spirits and various types of liquor. Popular brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Moët & Chandon, Pere Seda, and Johnnie Walker are readily available. Wine starts at EUR 8.00 or USD 8.72, while spirits begin at EUR 20.00 or USD 21.81.

Can you take liquids through Palma Airport? You should encounter no issues, provided you adhere to the rules. Some Palma de Mallorca duty-free alcohol regulations are:

  • You can bring up to 4 liters of alcoholic drinks, such as whiskey, vodka, or other liquors with an alcohol content above 22%.
  • The maximum limit for sparkling wine, fortified wine, and other alcoholic beverages with less than 22% alcohol content is 9 liters.
  • The limit for beer is 42 liters.
  • For regular wine, the limit is 18 liters.

You can find these items at the duty-free shop at Palma airport. Whether you’re pursuing the latest fashion trends or premium spirits, the duty-free shop is sure to delight you with its offerings. If you are seeking a destination where you can enjoy both a vacation and duty-free shopping, consider booking a flight to Palma Airport through Airpaz!


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