Duty-Free Shop at Taipei Airport: All Products You Can Purchase

As the largest and busiest airport in Taiwan, Taipei Airport has complete facilities and services. One of the facilities that you can take advantage of is the duty-free shop at Taipei Airport.

You can buy various duty-free products at the Taipei duty-free airport, making your expenses more economical. For complete information about one of the Taiwan Airports’ duty-free shops, you can see it in the following article!

Duty-free Shop at Taipei Airport

Generally, at every airport, one company manages the duty-free shop. Even though there is only one duty-free company, many well-known brands provide tourists’ favorite products.

Duty-free Taipei Airport is managed by Ever Rich. This native Taiwanese company has been operating since 1995 and explicitly handles duty-free business.

Because the core value of this company emphasizes “public service orientation, benefit the public,” you will experience a comfortable and enjoyable shopping service.

You can find various duty-free shops in the Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 areas. The address is No. 9, Hangzhan South Road, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City. Hours of operation are from 06.00 AM to 11.00 PM and sometimes until 06.00 PM.

Many brands and products have their shops at Ever Rich duty-free. Then, what products can you get? Check out all the lists through the following article!

1. Cosmetic Products

Duty-Free Shop at Taipei Airport

Cosmetic products are often the target of women when they are anywhere, especially when on vacation abroad. You can find eye makeup, face makeup, lip makeup, body makeup, and makeup tools.

At Ever Rich, you can find shops from well-known brands such as Biotherm, Clinique, Dior, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Lancome, MAC, Victoria’s Secret, Yves, and other well-known brands.

You can get one of these products from 360 to 3,615 TWD (11.83 to 120.72 USD).

2. Fragrances Products

Duty-Free Shop at Taipei Airport

Perfume fans, make sure to stop by the various perfume shops at this airport duty-free shop. Many types of fragrances are available such as women’s perfume, men’s perfume, unisex perfume, and home fragrances. You can browse each store to find the scent you want.

Various world-famous brands open their shops at Taipei Airport. Some of them are Anna Sui, Burberry, Chloe, Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Hugo Boss, Jo Malone, Lancome, Tiffany & Co, Saint Laurent, and others.

The price for each perfume also varies, depending on the size and brand. You can get a perfume bottle from 610 to 4,505 TWD (20.04 to 147.99 USD).

3. Souvenirs

Duty-Free Shop at Taipei Airport

When traveling to Taipei, you should gift your loved ones a product purchased here. Suppose you are confused about choosing the right souvenir. In that case, you can immediately choose souvenir packages available at the duty-free shop.

You can buy several products, including chocolate and imported food, snacks, condiment packages, health food, tea or drinks, and snacks. You can choose rare products in your country of origin to make the gift recipient happier.

Some of the product brands available at this airport are Chimei Foods, Diva Life, Gavottes, Godiva, Daiko, Kinder, Nutella, Lotte, Kee Wah, Coffle, Natal Family, and others.

The price of one product or souvenir package starts from 830 to 5,100 TWD (27.27 to 168.54 USD).

4. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages

Some people prefer to collect wine or give it to loved ones. If you need more time to explore wine shops in Taipei, you can buy them from one of the shops at the airport.

Several types of alcoholic drinks that can be found are whiskey, bandy, bartending, Chinese liquor, bartending, sparkling wine, champagne, sake/umeshu/beer, and other types of drinks.

Some brands you can find include Aberfeldy, Aultmore, Caol Ila, Chivas, Jim Beam, Martell, Royal Salute, Shirayuki, and others.

Then there is also a well-known brand that opened at Taipei Airport in August 2022, Auchentoshan. This brand provides special packages for travelers and is suitable as a gift.

You can take home a bottle of one of these brands for under 9,999 TWD (328.47 USD).

5. Children’s Products

Duty-Free Shop at Taipei Airport

Children are also inseparable from a holiday, whether they are their children or not. They are the most enthusiastic figures when waiting for the arrival of their families from other places.

Therefore you can buy them products according to their age, from toiletries to toys.

Some well-known brands that you can find include Cetaphil, Beast Kingdom, Lego, New Era, Disney, Everrich, and others. The price of each product also varies, ranging from 114 to 4,936 TWD (3.74 to 162.15 USD).

The variety of products at the duty-free shop at Taipei Airport won’t make you run out of ideas to buy gifts for others or yourself. But to be able to shop there, make sure you have booked a plane ticket first. Choose Airpaz, an effective and easier way to book your flight!


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