What Can I Buy at Male Airport (MLE) Duty-Free Shops?

Although the Maldives is not a shopping paradise, it’s an excellent place to kill time before boarding. Then what are the duty-free shops like at Malé Airport? Let’s read the review about duty-free shops at Malé Airport below.

Duty-free Shops at Male Airport

Duty-free shop

The Maldives’ nearly 600 square meter area of duty-free shopping is made up of a variety of stores. In a relaxed setting, you may pick up last-minute gifts for loved ones before departing or just stroll around and peruse the newest offerings from well-known perfume and cosmetic brands. 

The store, which is situated in the Male International Airport’s departure area, offers its customers a large selection of traditional items for this kind of retail establishment.

Several product categories are available in duty-free shops, including alcoholic and tobacco products, cosmetics, candy, watches, jewelry, souvenirs, clothing, luggage, and accessories.

Fragrances and Cosmetics

Duty-free shop

The fields of cosmetics and fragrances cover a wide area. There are fragrances from well-known companies like Dior, St Yves, Bvlgari, and others. In addition, there are premium cosmetics and skin care items as well. 

The prices of a few fragrance-related products are estimated in the list below.

Kenzo World Intense 50 ml costs 72 USD; Dior Poison Girl Unexpected 50 ml costs 77 USD; Lancome La vie est belle 75 ml costs 131 USD. 


duty-free shop at Male airport

There are also many candies, chocolate, and confectionery offered here. Famous Swiss and Belgian chocolate brands include Toblerone, Godiva, Goldkenn, and others. 

Candy enthusiasts will be enticed by the attractive gift boxes used for sweets wrapping. It will be a wonderful present for friends and family. 

Additionally, Maldivian tea in attractive memento packaging is a wonderful addition to a chocolate gift. 

Gifts and Momentos

Gifts and Momentos

You may purchase a variety of mementos in the souvenir shop, including bright sarongs, printed t-shirts and hats, wooden crafts, miniature dhoni boats, traditional Maldivian reed rugs or mats, soft toys, glasses, magnets, and many other items. 

When making a last-minute purchase, bear in mind that airport gift shops will cost a little bit more than city shops. Therefore, if a typical magnet costs 1  USD to 2 USD in Male, it could cost as much as 4 USD to 5 USD at the airport. 

In addition, you may get fashionable bags and backpacks from the well-known German company MSM, watches from renowned manufacturers like Baume & Mercier, tobacco goods, jewelry, and much more in the duty-free shops of the Maldives. 

The following are some souvenirs that you can find here.

  • Coconut Products 
Duty-free shop

There are undoubtedly a lot of useful coconut trees in this tropical island nation. Many products are created from all parts of coconut trees. 

Among the objects that tourists commonly purchase while shopping in the Maldives are statues, vases, baskets, lampshades, coir ropes, household goods, etc.

Prices range from 20 MVR to 4000 MVR (USD 1,30 to USD 260), depending on the product.  

  • Lacquer Work 
Lacquer Work

Another type of traditional Maldivian handicraft is lacquer goods. These include numerous items constructed primarily of wood, such as vases, boxes, dishes, baskets, and even pens. 

To make them lasting, they are painted in hues of red, black, and yellow made from the juice of specific trees. These items have a chic appearance and are essential purchases in the Maldives. The price is between MVR 300 to 5000 (USD 19 to USD 324)

  • Sarongs 
duty-free shop at Male airport

You can get chic covers. These have floral and various designs, as well as vivid colors. When visiting the Maldives, be sure to include Feyli, the traditional Maldivian sarong, in your shopping list. 

Originally worn by both men and women, these are black and white striped and are usually worn for special occasions and dance performances today. The price is  80 MVR to 150 MVR (USD 5,19 to USD 9,74) . 

  • Thundu Kunaa 
duty-free shop at Male airport

Traditional Maldivian mats are weaved by hand on the islands by women using natural fibers. They feature a range of shapes and are typically printed with geometric patterns. 

It was used for sleeping, worshiping, and sitting. Whereas, the more expensive models with gold or silver ropes were gifts from Maldives sultans to nobility and government representatives of neighboring states. 

Currently, resorts use it as decoration. It can be used as a table mat and floor mat as well as a way to decorate the walls of your house. The price depends on the size and design, around 800 MVR  to 15,000 MVR (USD 51,95 to USD 974 ). 



Alcohol imports are severely restricted in the Maldives because it is a Muslim nation. This regulation also covers alcohol purchased abroad. But you can easily purchase several alcoholic beverage varieties at duty-free stores once you leave the Maldives. 

The following alcohol costs are projected: 

Johnnie Walker Whiskey 70 USD; Nemiroff vodka 20 USD; and Cognac Martell VSOP 85 USD. 

Now, you know various products at duty-free shops at Malé Airport. Shop wisely, and don’t forget to order your flight ticket at Airpaz for the best price. Have a nice vacation! 


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