List of Duty-Free Shops at Tel Aviv Airport You Can See

One of the fun things that travelers do while wandering at the airport is to explore the duty-free shops.

In this regard, you should read the following information below before looking at duty-free shops at Tel Aviv Airport.

It may save you money and time while traveling.

Duty-Free Shops at Tel Aviv Airport 

Duty-free shops at Tel Aviv Airport

Exploring and shopping for products at the duty-free shop isn’t just fun.

You may be lucky because you can save money and time during your vacation.

So as to avoid getting confused or lost, here are the duty-free shops at Tel Aviv Airport that you should know about.

1. James Richardson Shops

James Richardson Shops Tel Aviv

Can Ben Gurion Airport duty-free shops’ electronics items be found? Try your luck by visiting JR Duty-free Shop.

James Richardson (JR) Duty-free is one of the largest duty-free shops at Tel Aviv Airport.

This shop is located in the Duty-free Complex in Departure Hall.

As one of the leading duty-free shops in the world, there are many items that passengers can buy. Some of them are as follows:

  • Cosmetic and perfume products

This store sells cosmetic and perfume products from well-known brands such as Jimmy Choo, Dior, Tom Ford, Clinique, and many others.

You can buy these products with prices starting at 8 USD. If you are lucky, you can get free products for purchasing several items.

  • Tobacco

This Tel Aviv duty-free cigarette shop provides cigarettes and tobacco products with prices starting from 49 USD.

You must remember that you must ensure the amount of tobacco you buy is at most the amount set by the local government.

  • Sweets and chocolate

This section is a favorite section for children. So make sure you get it. This shop’s average price of sweets and chocolate products is around 10 – 20 USD.

  • Spirits and coffee

You can buy various liquor products such as whiskey, vodka, coffee, and so on, with prices starting from 42 USD. 

  • Toiletry and travel

Suncare and toiletries products at this store are available with prices starting from 6 USD.

JR Shop is also the first to offer pick-up services to passengers who buy their products.

Because of their breakthrough, their sales increased. As a result, the store ranks first in sales.

2. Jack Kuba

Jack Kuba store

Another duty-free shop in this airport is Jack Kuba. This shop is in the duty-free area, to be more precise, between the Arrival Hall and the Public Hall.

Then, what items can you find in this shop? Some of them are

  • Swimwear and Beachwear

This store provides a variety of swimwear and beachwear for women and men. Prices are set from 29 USD.

If you have a club membership at Jack Cuba, you can get 15% off the price of certain items.

  • Pajamas and Leisure Wear

There are various choices of pajama products made of cotton, satin, and so on.

These products in this one of Tel Aviv Airport duty-free shops are available at prices starting from 117 USD.

  • Bras and underpants

There are many choices of bras, such as sports bras, breastfeeding bras, strapless bras, and others, that you can buy with prices starting at 58 USD.

On the other hand, underpants products such as panties, boxer briefs, bikini bottoms, and so on have a price range of 29-72 USD.

  • Accessories

You can buy items such as gloves, slippers, hats, and so on, with prices starting from 34 USD.

3. Layam Shops

Layam Shops

This store replaced Steimatzky Duty-free Shops in Tel Aviv Airport starting from the end of 2019. It is located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

This duty-free Terminal 1 Ben Gurion Airport sells toys, while in Terminal 3, Layam operates children’s fashion, toys, and souvenirs. 

Sunday to Thursday, this one of Ben Gurion Airport shops’ opening hours is from 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM.

On the other hand, it is closed every Friday and Saturday.

  • Toys items

The toys provided by this store are from popular brands such as Lego, LOL, Playmobil, and many others.

Some displayed items are also exclusive models which may not be obtained elsewhere. The price of the toys is affordable, starting from 14 USD.  

  • Kids Sports and Fashion Items

The fashion products in Layam shops are from internationally popular brands such as Adidas, Levi’s, Nike, and more. 

  • Souvenirs and Gifts

Products you can find here are, for example, keychains, postcards, coffee mugs, handmade accessories, and many others.

It is recommended to buy souvenirs at this duty-free shop as the products are sold at a flat rate and at fair prices. 

Besides the four duty-free shops mentioned above, there are many cafes and restaurants you might want to stop by.

They are Cafe Neto and Burger King, among others.

Is the list of duty-free shops in Tel Aviv Airport mentioned above satisfy your curiosity?

Now you can proceed with your trip plans by getting the best offer from Airpaz. Have a nice vacation!


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