Easily to Get Incheon Airport Transportation

Since 2005, Incheon International Airport (IIA) has been the busiest airports in the world. The airport known as Seoul–Incheon International Airport has been rated the best airport worldwide by Airports Council International every year. In order that, Skytrax rates as the world’s cleanest airport and the world’s best international transit airport.

The airport was designed by Curtis Fentress, an architect from the United States, to present a blend of traditional design and technological advances in South Korea. The bow of the roofline is designed to resemble the roof of a traditional Korean temple, the aisles of the airport arrival area are filled with thousands of years old artefacts from the Korean Empire, and modern biomorphic train terminal facilities are designed.

Transportation in Incheon Airport

Not only the splendour possessed by Incheon airport but the ease of getting public transportation to get to the desired hotel. You who are spending your vacation with your family can use some transportation that suits your budget. Here are some transportation that you can use

1. Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

Incheon Airport Transportation - Airport Railroad Express (AREX)

Having fun in South Korean you have to try this transportation which is the fastest and the cheapest to get from the airport to central Seoul. Using AREX as public transportation you can choose one of two types. They are Express train making no stops along the way, and the All-Stop train making 10 stops before it reaches Seoul Station. They have different service hours for getting you to central Seoul. The express train starts from 05:20-21:45 and  All-stop Starts from 05:23-23:42.

Both of them make you easier to get to central Seoul then a bus or taxi. Both can avoid road traffic because the roads of Korean is crowded during rush hours. Although both can save you from stuck in traffic, AREX can’t take you door-to-door to your hotel like airport buses and taxis can. It’s also a high chance you’ll have to stand until you get your destination. TO enjoy this public transportation, you will spend a cost 8,000 won ($ 7.05) for Express and 4,150 won ($ 3.66) for using All-stop.

2. Bus

Incheon Airport Transportation - Bus

Need your travelling more relaxing uses bus is an affordable and comfortable way to go from the airport to central Seoul. Although a little is more expensive than taking the Airport Express train, Bus is equipped with comfy seats and air conditioning. It’s suitable for one who wants to relax or take a nap for a little more than an hour after a long flight.

The public transportation having service 24 hours has two types of airport buses, standard and deluxe buses. Standard buses have to more stop along the way, and more crowded so that it’s reaching the destination slower than deluxe buses. It’s different with deluxe buses having more spacious and fewer stops along shortened routes. It makes you reach the destination faster than standard buses. You only need a cost 9,000-10,000 won ($ 7.93 – $ 8.81) for standard bus, 14,000 – 16,000 won ($ 12.33 – $ 14.1) for deluxe bus, and 16,000 won ($ 14.1) for night bus.

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3. Taxi

Incheon Airport Transportation - Taxi

Travel in a group of 3 to 4, you can get your hotel by taxi without around the streets, with your luggage. Use the International Taxi than use a regular taxi. It’s because there are many advantages of using the International Taxi service, lower cost, flat fare, no additional fees for luggage, no tollgate fees, no midnight surcharges, the driver is English speaking. Taking your hotel by taxi will be 7 times more expensive than using the Airport Express train. It’s because you need a cost between 55,000 until 75,000 won ($48.45 to $66.07) on international taxi service. And it’s going to be more expensive by using standard taxi between 60,000 and 100,000 won ($52.86 to $88.09).

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