Dubai Airport Guide: Terminals, Hotels & Transportations

Dubai is one of the most desired vacation sites because it offers a cosmopolitan life, with The Burj Khalifa as its biggest icon.

Numerous tourists crowd the airport to land a dream vacation here.

If you plan to visit Dubai as your desired destination, you must book a plane and land at Dubai airport

As it is one of the busiest airports in the United Arab Emirates, follow these guides so you will not get lost once you arrive at Dubai international airport.

About Dubai Airport

About Dubai Airport
About Dubai Airport / Unsplash

Many people have Dubai listed as their dream city. The city offers a glamorous lifestyle and many luxurious sites.

Unsurprisingly, it makes the air traffic high as many tourists visit this city. Thus, Dubai Airport is an important gateway to reach the cosmopolitan city.

It was first opened in 1960. In recent years, the number of passengers has reached 90 million.

With such large numbers, a first-timer may get overwhelmed at first. Here are things you should know more about Dubai Airport.

Dubai Airport Terminals

Dubai Airport Terminals
Dubai Airport Terminals / Unsplash

The first thing you should know about this airport is its three terminals.  

1. Terminal 1

The Dubai Airport Terminal 1 provides a capacity of 20 million passengers per year. It is the smallest terminal but holds more than 60 airlines.

If your plane lands on Concourse D, you will arrive at terminal 1.

2. Terminal 2

Terminal 2 houses a smaller capacity compared to terminal 1. It offers more than five passengers a year.

As it is currently under construction, it may double its capacity soon. It is for Concourse A, B, and C

3. Terminal 3

It houses the primary traffic in Dubai airport, with a capacity of more than 60 million passengers a year. Most flights fly and land in this terminal.

Next, each flight will be assigned to its terminal. Make sure you check your ticket to know which terminal your flight has.

Dubai Airport Hotels

Dubai Airport Hotels
Dubai Airport Hotels

Do you often get jet lag or need to wait for the next airline’s schedule? Dubai airport hotel is the solution.

As you arrive at the airport, there are several choices of a hotel that you can choose from. You can book and adjust it to your budget.

Dubai airport hotel ranges from a modest cabin to a five-star room.

Secondly, the airport has a hotel inside which passengers can comfortably choose from after a long journey.

You can book a hotel outside the airport at an ideal distance for more affordable hotels. The price ranges from 30 USD to 100 USD a night.

airpaz hotel 91

Dubai Airport Transportations

Dubai Airport Transportations
Dubai Airport Transportations / unsplash

When you arrive at Dubai International Airport, you can take one of several modes of transportation to your final stop.

1. Shuttle Bus

If you are about to go to different terminals or transportation within the airport, you can go on the free shuttle bus.

The shuttle bus runs for 24 hours and operates daily. The interval for each bus’s arrival is about 20 minutes.

Therefore, you can wait for each schedule or choose an exact 20-minute interval if you want to use the shuttle bus.

2. Other Transportations

Besides taking the bus, you can choose taxis, buses, metro, or rent a car to visit the city.

Dubai Airport Duty-Free

Dubai Airport Duty-Free
Dubai Airport Duty-Free

Since it is one of the largest airports, the Dubai Airport has excellent duty-free shopping. It provides various things, from food to souvenirs.

In case you need additional outfits, the Dubai shop also sells apparel.

Some luxurious items sold there are better than those sold within Dubai city because of their quality.

In this airport you can shop for souvenirs at the Dubai airport shop once you leave Dubai, as well as some shops that provide local souvenirs and unique items.

The airport has everything you want to buy before and after visiting Dubai.

Best Things to Do in Dubai Airport during a Layover

Best Things to Do in Dubai Airport during a Layover
Best Things to Do in Dubai Airport during a Layover / Unsplash

A layover is a stop between flights. It usually happens if you choose connecting flights.

As a result, you can fill the free time you have as you wait for the next flight by exploring some stuff to do.

  1. Shop at duty-free shops
  2. Have a delicious meal at a nearby airport restaurant
  3. Sightsee at the airport.

There are more than 135 restaurants and cafes in the airports where you can try various meals and beverages. Most of the best sites in the airport are in Terminal 3.

Therefore, you can find a bar, seafood restaurant, and barbeque grill in Terminal 3.

Looking at all the facilities in Dubai Airport, you can enjoy some refreshments and a short trip even before you go to Dubai city.

Thus, you can go sightseeing, have a drink, or have a sleepover.

This airport provides everything you need as a tourist. Make sure you book a ticket and hotel using Airpaz. Download the app now!


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