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Eco Traveling in Suncheonman Bay and Various Activities to Do

Suncheonman Bay - Feature Image

Korea is home to many wetlands area which has their own appeal and characteristics, including Suncheonman Bay. You are probably wondering what’s so special about these wetlands. What can you see or enjoy from the vast view of green, plants, and body of water? You might be surprised to know that not everyone likes spending their time in the noisy big cities. Some of them appreciate the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the rural area, such as the wetland. After all, Suncheonman Bay is managed professionally so it is clean and attractive – an ideal tourist object in Korea.

About the Reserved Wetland

Suncheonman Bay - About the Reserved Wetland

This place is included as an ecological tourist site located in 513-25 Suncheonman-Gil, Suncheon-Si, Jeollanam-do. If you come to this spot, you will be welcomed with tall reeds covering the fields – most of them are taller than a grown man. In fact, Suncheonman Bay has the biggest and largest reed colony in Korea. It is interesting to see them moving around along with the passing wind – it creates a sea waves-look alike effect.

There are many different species of plants there, especially those that can live in damp environments, such as starwort or common red. You can also find various types of birds there, including the rare ones. The reed colony has attracted those birds to come, including the white-naped crane, wild goose, wild duck, Eurasian Oystercatcher, white stork, and hooded crane. Those are only a few from around 140 different bird species.

Different Activities

Suncheonman Bay - Different Activities

Besides walking around the area and enjoying the view, you can also take part in many activities provided there. For instance, they have a boat tour lasting around 35 minutes covering 6 kilometres of area. The boat will go through Daedae Dock, Suncheonman S Gaetgol, and then return to Daedae Dock again. It is 7000 won for adults, 3000 won for youths, and 2000 won for kids.

If you are into astronomy, there is Astronomical Observatory activity with Starlight watching. This is 1 night 2 days program. Individuals or families can always join. The minimum participants are 5 people and 20 people for the maximum. If the participants are less than 5, they can cancel it. Adults are charged 20,000 won, while students (elementary to high school) are charged 10,000 won. Kids below 7 years old are free.

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The Fees

There are different fee schemes for a different group of people

  1. Adults: 8000 won for individuals, 6000 won for groups, and 2000 won for Suncheon residents
  2. Youths (ages between 14 and 19 years old): 6000 won for individuals, 5000 won for groups, and 1500 won for Suncheon residents
  3. Kids (ages between 8 and 13 years old): 4000 won for individuals, 3000 won for groups, and free for Suncheon residents

If you are a member, adults are charged 30,000 won, youths are charged 20,000 won, kids are charged 10,000 won, and residents are charged 10,000 won. The ticket to Suncheon Bay already includes the access to Suncheon Bay Garden.

Reaching the Spot

Suncheonman Bay - Reaching the Spot

You can use the train or the bus to reach Suncheon Bay, especially if you are travelling from Seoul. Go to Central City bus terminal in Seoul and take a bus heading to Suncheon Terminal. The trip lasts for 4 hours. Finding the bus is easy because there is always one within every 30 minutes.

If you take the train, go to Yongsan Station. Take the KTX train heading to Suncheon Station which takes around 3 hours. Get off at the station and continue with bus 67 heading directly to the bay.

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Rest assured that you should take part in eco trip once in a while. It will open your mind to different things in this world. If you think that you should visit this place, plan from now! Make sure to reserve everything, including your flights with Airpaz.


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