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Edinburgh stands out as one of the most enchanting tourist destinations in the United Kingdom. Before embarking on your journey to Scotland’s capital, it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with Edinburgh Airport.

Let’s delve deeper into this airport!

About Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport

As one of Scotland’s major airports, this facility serves as the primary entry point to the country. Situated roughly 8 miles (13 kilometers) west of Edinburgh’s city center, Edinburgh Airport holds a strategic location in close proximity to the urban core.

Handling over 300 flights daily, the airport caters to a staggering annual passenger count exceeding 12 million, with flights reaching more than 120 destinations. Particularly during holiday seasons, the airport often faces heightened congestion.

Furthermore, efforts are underway at the airport to reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental sustainability.

Now, let’s delve deeper into Edinburgh Airport’s terminals.

Edinburgh Airport Terminals

Edinburgh Airport Terminal

This airport boasts a straightforward layout with just one terminal catering to both domestic and international flights, housed within a main building spanning two floors.

On the ground floor, you’ll find the arrival zone for passengers, along with check-in counters, flight ticket services, and baggage claim facilities. Meanwhile, the second floor hosts various dining and shopping outlets, serving as the departure area. Among these amenities is the duty-free shop, along with both general and premium-class lounges.

With this uncomplicated layout, navigating the airport is a breeze.

As for dining options, the airport offers a variety of choices, including:

  • Village Grill
  • Costa
  • Seafood Bar
  • Paul
  • Wetherspoons
  • Burger King

Regarding facilities, the airport provides a comprehensive range of services designed to meet all your needs.

Edinburgh Airport Facilities

Edinburgh Airport facilities

Step inside and discover a vibrant blend of shops, bars, and eateries, adding a touch of excitement before your departure. Additionally, this Airport boasts convenient spots for currency exchange and relaxing airport lounges.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Duty-free shopping
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Gift shops
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • ATMs
  • Internet access
  • Postal service
  • Facilities for individuals with physical challenges

Now, let’s explore the accommodation options surrounding Edinburgh Airport, perfect for a comfortable overnight stay after a long journey.

Edinburgh Airport Hotels

Edinburgh Airport Hotel

Given that this is a major airport catering to numerous international flights daily, there exists a range of hotel options offering diverse facilities and prices.

For a prime recommendation, Hampton by Hilton stands out. Situated conveniently within Edinburgh Airport premises, it presents an optimal choice for those seeking proximity.

Furthermore, several other hotels merit consideration, all conveniently reachable from Edinburgh Airport:

  • DoubleTree by Hilton
  • Moxy Edinburgh Airport
  • Holiday Inn Express Edinburgh Airport
  • Delta Hotels by Marriott
  • Norton House Hotel & Spa
airpaz hotel 120

Edinburgh Airport Transportations

Edinburgh Airport Transportations

When it comes to accessing public transportation, there are several options available, such as trams, buses, and taxis. These transportation choices provide convenient access to downtown and the nearby attractions of Edinburgh. 

Here are the locations for each of these transportation options:

  • Tram: Find the tram stop just outside the main terminal, near the plaza.
  • Bus: All bus stops are positioned outside the terminal.
  • Taxi: You can find it at the East Terminus facility.

Edinburgh Airport Duty-free

Edinburgh Airport Duty-Free

Explore the duty-free shop for an opportunity to indulge in budget-friendly shopping. World Shopping Duty-Free awaits you between Gate 1 and 2 on the second floor.

Specializing in whisky and perfume products, this duty-free shop presents an opportunity to save some money, as no customs duties apply, resulting in extra savings for you. 

Enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent on alcohol and over 30 percent on fragrances, making it a lucrative deal compared to purchases made outside the airport.

With an extensive array of whisky options from various renowned brands and well-known perfume labels, the selection is diverse. Additionally, you’ll find other enticing items, such as chocolates, watches, and sunglasses. Some of the notable brands available include:

  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein
  • Jo Malone London
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Swarovski
  • Johnnie Walker
  • Glenmorangie
  • Edinburgh Gin
  • The Glenlivet

Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Best Things to Do in Edinburgh

Certainly, you have the opportunity to explore the iconic and fascinating places here in Edinburgh. 

With its rich history and culture, Edinburgh offers a variety of exciting tourist options. Simply choose according to your preferences and budget. Here are some recommended activities for your visit to this historic city:

  • Wander through the medieval wonder of Edinburgh Castle
  • Stroll through the historic charms of the Royal Mile
  • Savor authentic Scottish whisky for a true taste of Scotland

That wraps up the guide for your landing at Edinburgh Airport. Hope it helps! Should you be in search of flights to Edinburgh or accommodations in the area, consider Airpaz for its best deals!


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