Enjoy The Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

Doi Mae Hua Kham Thailand is situated at the Moo 4, Maesalong, Mae Fah Luang, about 35 km from Etadati, the hill tribe village. Beautiful scenery is surrounding it. The golden yellow flowers always bloom in the winter. Beautiful lotus starts blooming in the middle of May throughout the mountain. Besides, it is also a great place to watch the sunrise and the beautiful morning light between the mists.

Doi Mae Hua Kham Attractions

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There are many attractions that can be enjoyed in the Doi Mae Hua Kham, such as:

Head’s Words Village

The most beautiful moment in Doi Mae Hua Kham in Thailand is when the lotus fields start blooming. In the village, you will see the unique traditions and identity of the locals. From December to January, there is a special New Year celebration when the locals wear their beautiful tribe tribal dress.

Doi Hua Mae Park

The park is located about 1300 meters from the village and 2 kilometers from the highest point. The peak is overlooking the beautiful complex of the mountain, especially in the morning when the area is covered by the mists.

Winter Agriculture

It is a winter agricultural center that supports the local people to improve their economic by planting winter plants. The highlands with low temperature makes the plants grow well, especially the flowers like orchids, pine-scented lilies, tulips, carnations, roses, eucalyptus, etc.

Source: oniqorange
Source: oniqorange

How to Go to Doi Mae Hua Kham

If you drive a car from Bangkok, take the way through Chiang Rai Highway 1to Chiang Rai City. From the Highway 110, take the way to the north, then turn to the Highway 1130 intersection. Follow the signs to reach the park. From Chiang Rai to the village, you can drive on any type of car. However, you should ride a four-wheel drive from the village to the park, the way is about two miles long.

Meanwhile, if you choose to take a bus, there are three different buses you should take. First, from Chiang Rai to Mae Sai Sang. Second, from Sang to Etadati and the third bus is from Etadati to Doi Hua Mae. From Etadati to Doi Mae, you should rent a minibus that costs 2500 baht and 3500 baht for return.

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The long journey must be worth as you will see the amazing experiences of visiting Doi Mae Hua Kham Thailand. Then prepare the amazing trip well. First, you may need to book the flight to Bangkok Thailand. Use Airpaz to find many options for flight.


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