Enjoying Facilities at Don Mueang Airport

If you happen to arrive at Don Mueang Airport in Thailand, it doesn’t hurt to know what to expect from the place. The airport is old and you will see the significant differences from Suvarnabhumi – another international airport in Bangkok, Thailand. Knowing what to find or expect can improve your travelling convenience as well as helping you get prepared for what to come.

About the Old Airport

Don Mueang airport - About the Old Airport

This is an old international airport in Bangkok that first operated before Suvarnabhumi Airport was opened. Since then, the airport is still running but it focuses more on domestic and regional flights – although it still serves some of the international ones.

When you compare this one to Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang is smaller. You can see that it requires physical improvements and facelifts. It is also much quieter than the other one. There are two terminals in Don Mueang: Terminal 1 is for international flights and Terminal 2 for domestic flights. Improvements have been made in Terminal 2, where it is renovated and the overall service has improved. The security is better and the check-in is smoother. Although Terminal 1 has also been renovated, it still needs improvements in terms of service. Don’t be surprised to find long lines of passengers during rush hours. Rush hours generally happens from 5 AM to 7 AM and from 3 PM to 7 PM.

What to Find or Enjoy

Don Mueang airport - What to Find or Enjoy

Just like other international airports, you should be able to find some nice features on both terminals. Restaurants and food stalls are available and some of them are even open 24/7, so finding something to eat shouldn’t be difficult. Some of the non-stop services are 7-11, Irish Pub, and Burger King. Shopping is also easy with a lot of shops open. Many of them are selling branded items as well as souvenirs and local crafts.

There are three banks within the airport, along with ATMs and also money changer services. You should be able to find them easily on the arrival and also departure halls which are located on the main terminal. Since you may need some cash for your next trip, these services are super handy.

The airport also offers free WiFi although different people have different opinions about it. Some say that getting a connection is pretty difficult and they are much comfortable using their own carrier. Some say that the connection is fine but there is a restriction of the usage after 2 hours. In the overall sense, WiFi is available although you can’t really depend on it too much.

If you want to remain comfortable while waiting, there are two lounges selling entrance pass to travellers with economy class. Coral Executive Lounge is located on the second floor of Terminal 1 while another Coral Executive Lounge can be found on the third floor of Terminal 2. Other lounges are only for business class travellers and based on the membership program.

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Other Facilities

Don Mueang airport - Other Facilities

Terminal 1 has medical emergency care in Terminal 1, close to the northern end. You can also find a medical centre close to the domestic departure area on the ground floor. The place has a beauty salon, massage and spa services, and also a prayer room.

It’s true that the facilities at Don Mueang airport are outdated and may not be as sophisticated as other international airports. But it’s not too bad and you can still enjoy yourself despite the limitation.

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