Enjoying Korean Natural Mountain at Daedunsan

If you enjoy nature and outdoor activities, you may like the idea of coming to Daedunsan while in Korea. True, coming to Daedunsan may not offer you a modern and sophisticated holiday experience as you find in Seoul. However, this area has its own appeal. And if you are into outdoor adventure and you enjoy the natural view, you will not regret coming to this place.

Daedunsan Recreation Mountain

Daedunsan - Daedunsan Recreation Mountain

The mountain isn’t super tall but it has its own challenges. With 878 meters in height, hiking up the mountain isn’t easy. It is popular for its suspension bridge hanging over 80 meters above the beautiful terrain. The bridge is often visited by tourists who want to have a spectacular view of the background of their photos.

Daedunsan comes with various tourists’ attractions, including Taegosa Temple, Ichidaecheop battlefield, and Daedunsan Park. This park is able to accommodate 3,000 people with available facilities, such as the parking lot, water play area, seminar room, teahouse, pavilion, walking path, playground, and also outdoor grass square. Accommodations include log cabins (16 of them), 2 campsites, and also a communal kitchen.

Both the Korean and Finnish style rooms are available for 120,000 won to 250,000 won during the peak season. During the offseason, the Finish style costs 90,000 won to 220,000 won, while the Korean style costs 120,000 won to 250,000 won. Peak season usually happens from July to August and December to March.

Daedunsan Provincial Park

Daedunsan - Daedunsan Provincial Park

There is the park in Jeonbuk region with its natural charm. It is a natural site with recreational facilities, such as the hanging bridge and cable cars. You can also find historical temples, including Ansimsa Temple of Unju, Taegosa Temple of Jinsan, and also Sinsounsa Temple of Byeolgok. If you use the cable car, it only takes 5 minutes to reach the destination. And then you can walk up the stairs going to the hanging bridge.

There is the park in Geumsan region. This section consists of 3 areas: Wanju, Nonsan, and Geumsan. Each of the areas has its own appeal and beauty. This region is home to Taegosa Temple as well as the battlefield of the Imjin War. If you want to appreciate the beauty, come to this area in the fall. The leaves will turn the colour of the rock peaks into something beautiful and unique.

What to Enjoy There?

Daedunsan - What to Enjoy

Basically, there are several things to enjoy and do while in Daedunsan. You can always enjoy the hike, marvelling the surrounding while trying to reach the top. However, keep in mind that this is quite challenging. If you aren’t up for it, there is always a path to hike down. And let’s not forget the suspension bridge that can provide a great background for all of your photos. But if you are a little wobbly at a certain height, be careful.

There are some restaurants and food stalls on the bottom. You can always enjoy makgeolli and pajeon. The previous one is a rice wine with a creamy texture that is very tasty – and it is low in alcohol. The latter one is savoury pancake made from seafood and green onions. It will be fried in oil.

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Reaching Daedunsan

Daedunsan - Reaching Daedunsan

If you are travelling from Seoul, you can use the car, taxi, or train. If you drive by yourself, it takes 2 hours and 15 minutes. If you use the train or taxi, it only takes 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes). Unfortunately, there is no direct or straight train connection between Seoul and Daedunsan. But you can always drive by yourself. If not, take the train heading to Daejeon Station first before taking the taxi going to Daedunsan.

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If you are planning your next vacation in Korea, it doesn’t hurt to visit this park. You will appreciate the beauty and natural appeal. Plan everything now, including your flights. Go to Airpaz and manage your itinerary.

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