Enjoying Night Time and Entertainment in Penang

Penang is a popular tourist spot in Malaysia and it has its own appeal. And just like other tourist destinations, Penang has its own special spots for shopping, culinary exploration, family excursion, and also nightly entertainment. If you are looking for the right place to enjoy your night time, or you are one of those nocturnal people, here are some promising places that you can consider.

1. Soho Free House

Penang - Soho Free House

This pub is located in Georgetown, and it is one of the most popular spots to enjoy your beer. If you want to go back to the British colonial era, this pub would be the best place. Not to mention that you can find different kinds of beers there – try French, German, and Belgian variants as a start. If you don’t drink but you want to enjoy the ambience, the atmosphere, and the foods are worth to try. There are many variants of burgers, seafood, and pasta to choose from.

For more entertainment, such as the music box and pool table, you can go to the second floor. There are different floors and sections for entertainment. The place isn’t only great for drinking and eating, but also for socializing. This place opens from 12 PM to 3 AM so enjoy!

2. Mish Mash

Penang - Mish Mash

If you want to have a combination of European flair and Asian roots, this is the perfect place to visit. The design has the European sidewalk bistro bars flair but you can also see the Asian touch to honour the Penang roots. This is a perfect spot for cocktail lovers – especially since you can find more than 80 different variants there. There are tons of great options with unique touch and flair that will make your experience unique, different, and memorable.

3. Narrow Marrow

Penang - Narrow Marrow

This hip cafe has its modern look and yet also a secretive flair about the whole place. This cool establishment only opens from Fridays to Sundays. It has all of the combined cool features involving great music, gorgeous interior, relaxed atmosphere, and retro style. If you want to enjoy the weekends or simply hang out with friends on Friday nights – having a relaxed conversation and laid-back setting – you should head to this spot. It is also a great place to enjoy your drink and also food.

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4. Gurney Drive

Penang - Gurney Drive

If you feel like strolling around the street and enjoying the street food, Gurney Drive should be included in your exploration list. After all, the street is known as a food paradise so you should head here if you want to have a taste. The stalls are coming in colourful tents, which may not be aesthetically or artistically appealing, but the foods are super fresh and tasty, such as ginger chicken, Malay fried rice, flat rice noodles, Penang curry mee, and so much more.

5. Skybar ThreeSixty Revolving Restaurant

Penang - Skybar ThreeSixty Revolving Restaurant

It is a bar as well as a restaurant so you can have a memorable dinner and also drink with the city view. The restaurant is located at the Bayview Hotel in Georgetown. It is special because the joint can move in 360-degree angle to pamper you with the amazing view of the city from above. It consists of two floors of lounge with both indoor and outdoor setting. The dining hall is located indoor while the outdoor is a cosy place to chill, chat, and relax. Cocktails like Between the Sheets or Bloody Mary (priced around RM30) will improve your moods. To appease your hunger, you can also order some light snacks or side dishes.

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There are still tons of places to explore and consider, especially if you are going to spend several days in Penang. Want to manage and plan your holiday trip? Don’t forget to plan everything at Airpaz for your flights. You will definitely enjoy your trip to Penang if you know the spots to explore.


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