Travel Protocols: Entry Requirements to Philippines You Must Know

The tourism sector in the Philippines is back on track during this new normal. Those of you who intend on having a holiday vacation in this country must know important information about entry requirements to Philippines. Check out the following information for more.

What are the Entry Requirements to Philippines?

What are the Entry Requirements to the Philippines
What are the Entry Requirements to the Philippines / Freepik

After years of the pandemic, the Philippine government is still anticipating if there will be another increasing case of the virus by establishing several protocols for travelers visiting the Philippines. What are the travel requirements to Manila that you should pay attention to? Here is the detailed description.

What to Prepare for the Entry Requirements to the Philippines?

What to Prepare for the Entry Requirements to the Philippines
What to Prepare for the Entry Requirements to the Philippines / Freepik

These are the requirements to enter the Philippines.

1. Traveler Terms

Are foreigners allowed to enter the Philippines 2022? Yes. However, they are obligated to fulfill entry requirements. Travelers from a visa or non-visa-required country still have to prepare a certificate or document proving that they have been fully vaccinated.

  • Adults

Adults can enter the airport and other places in the Philippines if they have previously fulfilled the full Covid vaccination in their country of origin. It is proven with the vaccine certificate.

Conversely, passengers who are unvaccinated or are partially vaccinated must have a certificate of their negative antigen test result taken within 24 hours before the flight’s arrival. If you, unfortunately, don’t have the antigen test result, then you have to go through the PCR test in the Philippines.

  • Children 14 and below

Children don’t have to get or present the PCR test. However, they must visit with a guardian or parents who have fully got the covid vaccine. 

If they are traveling alone and have no fully vaccinated guardian accompanying them, they must go to the antigen test station and get the test result. They need to present the test result to the airport staff.

2. Register on the eTravel Official Web

Both adults and children must register on the eTravel official web as well. You must pre-register within 3 days prior to your arrival. What if I am unable to pre-register? You must go through a special lane on arrival to immediately register for eTravel.

3. Vaccine Certificate

Generally, all cities providing tourist destinations require you to present your vaccination card. You will need to present the result of your antigen test If you don’t fully get vaccinated.

There are travel requirements Philippines Covid vaccine certificate to be presented to the airport staff could be one of the following:

  • vaccine certificate from the health department in your country of origin, or
  • VaxCertPH vaccine certificate, or
  • International Certificate of Vaccination (ICV) issued by the WHO

How to get ICV in the Philippines? If you unfortunately have problems presenting one of the many documents above and intend to get the ICV in the Philippines, you must make an appointment and pay a fee of around 300 PHP (5.37 USD). There might be additional fees during the administration process.

4. Valid ID

Apart from presenting one of these two certificates while traveling around the Philippines, you must always carry your Valid ID with you. Some cities also require you to register their city pass through their official website.

5. Quarantine Provisions and PCR Tests

Is there quarantine when entering the Philippines? This is the flow you should follow.

  • If you have done a PCR test and the result is positive, then the medical staff will assist you in quarantining according to the directions of the Philippines health department.
  • After going to the quarantine hotel, the health staff will monitor your symptoms. They will recommend you schedule a PCR test. 
  • On the test’s scheduled day, you must bring the necessary documents like a passport or ID Card.
  • If the PCR test results are positive, they will transfer you to the hospital. Contrarily, the medical staff will ask you to go through home quarantine if the PCR test is negative. While in quarantine, the medics will advise you to stay in your room for a few days.
  • If you visit this city with your children for a holiday, you don’t need to include a document explaining whether they already got vaccinated as long as you have received the full vaccine.

6. Other Requirements

You also need to fulfill other requirements such as eTravel registration in addition to a valid passport. Partially vaccinated travelers must bring a printed or digital certificate of their antigen test too. Overseas travelers with a valid visa must also include a valid visa and/or ACR I-Card.

Based on the latest entry requirements to the Philippines updated in December 2022, travelers do not necessarily fill out the arrival card form handed by the cabin crew 2 hours before the landing. 

You only need to prepare your eTravel QR Code when you arrive at the airport’s immigration station. Specifically, you can follow IATF directions when you arrive at the airport such as wearing a mask and using the Traze Mobile app.

After fulfilling all the requirements, you can proceed to visit many cities in this country. The cities in the Philippines have mostly started to open to the public. Among many popular cities here are Baguio city, Bohol Island, Batangas, etc . Fully vaccinated travelers can leisurely travel around these cities.

Finally, that’s all about entry requirements to the Philippines that you must know before planning to spend your holiday in this beautiful country. For those of you who want to prepare for Phillipine’s trip, book your flights and hotel via Airpaz. It’s practical and affordable. Hope this helps!


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