Unique Place to Explore When Coming to Khao Yai

If you are travelling to Bangkok and yet you want to enjoy a different kind of atmosphere and surrounding, head to Khao Yai. The town has farms, floral fields, and wineries – and it is only 3 hours away (driving) from Bangkok. It’s a perfect getaway if you want to still enjoy the modern ambience without the crowd and bustle of Bangkok. It’s an experience you want to have, for sure!

Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank

yellow submarine coffee tank

Sounds like a promising place, huh? Well, you can visit the place (for a coffee stop) on your way to Khao Yai from Bangkok. Don’t let the name fool you because of it a minimalist architecture and black walls. Since it is mostly used for photoshoot background, don’t forget to take some shots here 

The foods are also tasty and unique. You should try the unique Charcoal Honey toast (for 185 baht) and Hokkaido Coffee (for 140 baht). Your travel to Khao Yai isn’t complete if you don’t visit this place.

Primo Piazza

primo piazza khao yai

It’s three minutes away from the coffee shop, and you can enjoy the Italian themed village, complete with the alpacas, donkeys, and sheep. The place is also popular for the ice cream and tasty brunch options. For 200 baht, you can have a cool experience – and also unique photos! The operational hour is from 6 AM to 6 PM every day.

Piazza Palio

piazza palio

This is another Italian themed spot, but for the market square. Never been to Italy for your shopping spree? Well, this is the right time to do it! There is no entrance fee and you can enjoy the detailed Italian ambience. You can take pictures with the stone cobbled streets, the architecture of the building, and even the accordion music.

PB Wine Valley

pb wine valley

Join the winery tour starting from 9 AM. This is the biggest vineyard in the town where you can enjoy the view of wine grapes cultivation as well as other types of fruits. There are 3 to 5 hours a day where you can explore the vineyards, the manufacturing factory, and wine tasting at the end. Not into alcohol? Ask for Shiraz Grape which is 100% juice. It takes 320 baht a person for a tour that lasts for 75 minutes. You also need to reserve it.

Farm Chokchai

farm chokchai khao yai

The farm covers 100 hectares of land and it offers a complete tour twice a day. You need to reserve a spot first and it costs 300 baht a person. When you join the tour, you can learn about the agriculture process, take part in a class for making ice cream, and also watch a rodeo show. If you miss a tour, you can still enjoy the ATV rides. They are going to bring you to the open farm (with the horses and sheep) as well as taking you closer to the forest for 360 baht. If you want to feed the animals, it is going to cost you another 40 baht. If you are interested in exploring the Chokchai Museum, feel free to visit the place filled with cowboy merchandise collections, vintage cameras, and also cars

Hobbit House or Baan Suan Noi

hobbit house khao yai

If you have watched the movie The Lord of the Rings, you know what a Hobbit House is. It is an accommodation that you can reserve if you want to stay there. But if you just want to explore the area and take pictures, be my guest. If you only enter and take pictures, it is only 50 baht. But if you decide to enter as well as renting the costume (yes, they do have Hobbit characters, Harry Potter, Snow White, and so much more), it is going to cost you 100 baht.

Khao Yai is a worthy place to explore, especially if you are bored with the metropolitan view of Bangkok. After all, there are still many other places to visit. Don’t forget to manage your trip and stay. Go to airpaz.com to manage your flights, especially choosing air carriers like Thai Airways, Thai Smile Air, or Bangkok Airways.


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