Exploring Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is an example of natural beauty that is just stunning and breathtaking. You may not believe that such a beauty does exist but once you come to the place, the real proof is right there –in front of your very own eye. If you are travelling to Vietnam, make sure that you include Ha Long Bay in your itinerary.

The Natural Beauty

This place was appointed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. It is located on Tonkin Gulf, on the northeast side. The place itself is a part of Quang Ninh Province. As far as the eyes can see, you will feast in the collections of undisturbed and uninhabited islets and islands – along with the lush turquoise harbour and emerald water.

Ha Long comes from the local Vietnamese word, meaning descending dragon. Dragons are super important in their culture. Legend has it that a dragon (along with her children) descended from heaven to defend the country from invaders. They sprayed emeralds, jade, and fire to protect Viet people. Later, the jewels had turned and become limestone formations that have ‘decorated’ the bay. Because of these formations, Ha Long Bay now has its own signature style.

The formations are unique because their structures are different from the ones found at other places, such as Puerto Rico or Florida. Whereas most formations are located and formed on land, the ones at Ha Long Bay are on the water. Now you see why they are unique and different.

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Reaching Ha Long Bay

Halong Bay - Reaching Ha Long Bay

This place is around 165 kilometres or 103 miles from Hanoi. You can reach it by various means of transportation like private tour agents, hydrofoil, ferry, motorcycles, taxi, and bus. If you want to come to the place straight from the airport, take the so-called Ha Long Bay Transfer. In general, the trip will take 4 hours to reach 165 kilometres, but if you want to cut the time to only 45 minutes, you can consider using a seaplane or a chopper.

The General Exploration

Halong Bay - The General Exploration

Most travellers may choose the overnight (boat) tour so they can experience one sunset and one sunrise. You can enjoy many water activities, like swimming or kayaking. If you want to, you can also explore the caves. They are fabulous and you can really enjoy the memorable moments. You only need to tell the travel agency what you want and they will try their best to provide you with one.

Another alternative is to use the seaplane if you want to enjoy a completely different view. Cruising the bay is possible but it only gives you 5 routes. If you fly, you will get a totally different view entirely. You can enjoy the grandness of the bay and also the islet formations.

When to Come and What to Prepare

Halong Bay - When to Come and What to Prepare

When is the best time to visit the bay? It’s from March to May. You can also consider the time between September and November. These are the times when the temperature isn’t too hot. When it is cool (generally between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), it is more enjoyable to have the trip and explore around.

What should you prepare? There are some essentials that will help, such as:

  • Comfortable and safe shoes. Caves in the area can be slippery and steep. You want to wear a pair that isn’t only comfortable but also safe with a good grip.
  • Several swimming clothes. It is impossible to resist the urge to swim if you come to the bay. Just make sure that you pack enough.
  • A jacket or sweater. The night time can be quite cold so make sure to bring the essentials to make you stay warm.

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If you think that Vietnam with its Ha Long Bay is interesting, you may want to plan your next trip there. Don’t forget to manage and reserve your flights with Airpaz as you can choose services from Nam Air, Vietnam Airlines, or Vietjet Air.


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