Exploring Haji Lane in Singapore

If you are traveling to Singapore, don’t forget to stop by at Haji Lane, one of the most popular and coolest spots. The place is Instagramable with unique funky murals, perfect for your photo background. Not only you can enjoy the unique view but you can also visit quirky and one-of-a-kind cafes in the area.

Taking Pictures and Wall Arts

Haji Lane

If you are coming from the Beach Road entrance, you will see the beautiful and unique murals. The wall arts are just there, waiting for you to take poses with them as the background. Not only the murals are great for the photo background, but you can also take pictures of the buildings and the construction.

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You won’t believe the many stores you can find at Haji Lane. They are mostly hipster shops offering many various items. Each of the stores has its specialty items. For a starter, there is Mujosh where you can get unique eye-wear and sunnies. Since 2010, the store has captured hipsters and fashionista attention for their unique and cutting-edge shades and frames. The store is located at 53 Haji Lane.

Drunken Balloon

Need party properties? Or the ones with themes? Check Drunken Balloon with the catchy blue storefront and red and orange balloon sculptures. Besides party games, board games, and retro memorable, you can also find party supplies and entertainment. You can find things like quirky stuff or Cards of Humanity from Harry Potter. The store is at 84 Haji Lane.

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If you are into cycling so much, Tokyobike would the only and also first Asian flagship establishment outside Japan. You will admire the minimalist bikes or simply drool over the items. Want to visit the place? Go to 38 Haji Lane – you won’t miss it.


If you have the eye – and the interest – in leather, go to Crafune at #02-01, 2 Haji Lane. You can craft money clips, cardholders, key-chains, passport holders, or wallets there. The store is located above a prawn noodle shop so you should head to the second level. The leather quality is impressive, with vegetable-tanned type in various colors. They will age naturally and beautifully as you are using them. You can either choose the already available items on display or go to the workshop to create your piece.

Eating and Drinking and Hanging around

Haji Lane Cafe

Besides shops, you will also like the cheerful and lively vibe on the street. The existence of many cafes and dining establishment adds the colorful vibe of the street. Piedra Negra, for instance, is a Mexican cafe serving the best guacamole in town. It is made right there on the spot so it is completely fresh. You can pair it up with hearty burritos and tortilla chips, and finish it off with a frozen margarita, then you will have a full perfect day. Find the cafe at 241 Beach Road.

I am Cafe

I Am is a street-side establishment is serving fish and chips, pasta, sandwiches, and pizza in a hipster setting. But the main popular dish is the burgers, such as Sloppy Beef Charcoal Grilled Burger that will make your hands dirty and yet it is so much worth it. If you can’t wait to try the rainbow multi-layer cake, go to 674 North Bridge Road which is actually off the Haji Lane.

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Reaching the Area


Haji Lane isn’t far away from the downtown area of Singapore. If you’re traveling with an MRT, the closets station is Bugis Station. From there, you can walk for 500 meters until you reach the entrance. You can start your exploration to Haji Lane from either Beach Road or North Bridge Road. Both of them are popular streets in Singapore.

There are so many interesting places to explore in Haji Lane. Be sure to wear something comfy when exploring the place. Don’t forget to plan and manage everything, including your flights. For your assistance in choosing airline services, such as Singapore Airlines or AirAsia, go to airpaz.com.


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