Facilities to Find at Chiang Mai Airport

Knowing what kinds of facilities provided in each airport (that you are going to visit) are helpful. It gets you around and helps you gain efficient (and fast) access to each of them. The same thing is also applicable to Chiang Mai airport, in case you are travelling to the area. There are some available facilities that passengers can enjoy – especially when you have to spend some times waiting at the airport.

About the Airport

Chiang Mai Airport - About the Airport

Chiang Mai Airport is pretty special – not only in terms of location but also the facilities. The airport is located only 5 kilometres away from the central area of Chiang Mai and only 2 kilometres away from the Old City’s southwestern corner

The airport may not be big but it has pretty complete facilities. It serves national air services like Thai AirAsia, Bangkok Airways, and Thai Airways. It is connected to Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports as well as others like Hat Yai, Krabi, Udon Thani, and Phuket. It also caters to international flights such as Silk Air, HK Express, or Korean Air – connecting Chiang Mai to other Asian cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, or Seoul.

The airport has two terminals and they are connected. Each terminal is dedicated to each local and international flight. On both terminals, Arrivals are located within the ground floor while Departures are located on the first floor.

Available Services and Facilities

Chiang Mai Airport - Available Services and Facilities

There are some services and also facilities available on each terminal. You won’t have any difficulty finding ATMs and currency exchange booths. They are located on the ground floor of each terminal so it should be easy to get any cash that you need. You can also find information centre on each terminal. In the event that you are confused, you can always get the information from the desk.

Want to find a service that is related to the luggage? When you want to wrap them, go to the ground floor and you should be able to find it. What if you want to explore the area around? Just leave your luggage at the lockers. It is located in the public zone and it operates from 7 AM to 9 PM.

Airline and lounges are easy to find at the airport. There are two lounges of Thai Airways at Chiang Mai airport while there is only one of Bangkok Airways. If you can enter the Coral Executive Lounge, you can enjoy some VIP services and treatments. Even if you don’t fly VIP, you can access the lounges if you are willing to pay for a fee.

If you need to access the post office, there is one at the airport. Besides selling collector stamps and postcards, you can also access the stamps. The place opens every day from 8.30 AM to 8 PM on the ground floor area of the terminal.

Feeling sick or not feeling well? You can access the medical and emergency service on the first floor –it’s on the passenger building. It operates from 8 AM to 11 PM. But if you are feeling a bit tired and you want to relax, there is the message and spa service. You can find one at the International Arrival as well as the Departure area.

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More Facilities

Chiang Mai Airport - More Facilities

Those who need to pray can always head to the terminal connections on the first floor. Buddhist monks generally make use of the Buddhist room while the prayer room for Moslems is located not far from it.

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Basically, you can also find facilities like restaurant or food stalls as well as shopping stores or duty-free shops. Interested in exploring Thailand for more? Why don’t you go to airpaz.com and manage your flights? You can choose services like Thai AirAsia or Thai Airways.


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