Get Familiar with Goa International Airport (GOI), India

As someone who loves to explore new places, you might be interested in visiting the smallest state in India, Dabolim. Even though the land area is small, this place has its airport, Goa Airport.

You must know about this airport to avoid getting confused about landing at Goa Airport arrivals. Therefore, see the complete information about the airport in this article.

About Goa International Airport (GOI)

About Goa International Airport (GOI)
About Goa International Airport (GOI) / Unsplash

Besides being known as Goa International Airport, the airport, located in Dabolim, is also widely known by residents and tourists. 

Even though it has a small area, the flow at Goa International Airport is bustling because of the many tourists worldwide who visit.

Portuguese colonialists built this airport in the early 1950s. But Indian Naval Forces finally occupied this airport after Goa Liberation.

Until now Goa State Government and Indian Navy own this GOI Airport. The airport is finally used for naval and civil aircraft purposes.

GOI Airport offers domestic flights to major Indian cities, for example, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and others. Likewise, international flights connect to several routes such as Doha, Moscow and Sharjah.

After a brief introduction to the airport, you will find out about the terminals, facilities, hotels, and airport transportation in the following sections.

Terminals & Facilities

Terminals & Facilities
Terminals & Facilities / Pixabay

Currently, Dabolim Airport has a terminal that handles Goa Airport departures and arrivals.

Due to the heavy flow of passengers, the Goa Airport terminal has almost reached its limit, so its area will expand. The current terminal, also known as NITB Terminal, is a new, modern and integrated terminal that has been operated since March 2014.

This terminal has three levels. Ground level handles arrivals for domestic and international, check-in, and baggage claim.

Then on the first level, it is the location for passengers to take care of customs, security checks, and immigration procedures.

Finally, the second level is the departure location for domestic and international flights. In addition, there are also security hold facilities and boarding areas.

Each area also offers a variety of facilities that will make passengers feel safe and comfortable. Some of the services you will find include duty-free baby care facilities, ATMs, information desks, restaurants, and cafes.

A Wi-Fi facility is also available for those of you who need it. There is also a smoking area for smokers to avoid disturbing other passengers. Not only that, but you can also use the Goa Airport lounge to feel comfortable while waiting for your flight.


Hotels / Pixabay

If your arrival time at the airport is too late at night or you have to leave early in the morning, then staying at hotels near Goa Airport is the best solution. Staying at a nearby hotel can make your trip shorter.

Even though there are no airport hotels, many hotels are very close to the airport. You can also stay at homestays at a more affordable cost.

You can walk or use airport transportation options for a shorter  travel time to the hotel.

You can sleep at The Pereira’s Goan Homestay Villa and experience the various facilities of this homestay at an affordable price and feel like you are at home.

There are also  Coconut Creek Resort, Bugmallo Beach Resort, The Flora Grand, and so on.

You can consider the distance or the cost of staying per night in deciding where to rest.


Transportations / Pixabay

Apart from hotels, modes of transportation around the airport are important aspects you need to know. The transportation will help your mobility to and from the airport or to various tourist objects included in your vacation spot list in Dabolim or the surrounding area.

Airport transportation options are quite diverse and can be adjusted to your preferences and budget.

1. Taxi

First, you can use a taxi that will take you to the city center within 40 minutes of travel. The best option is to use a pre-paid taxi, the Yellow Black Prepaid Taxi. Using a pre-paid taxi can help you find out the price earlier.

2. Shuttle Bus

If you come with a group and want to save more, you can use both local and shuttle buses. You can find many local buses outside the airport.

3. Train

Even though there is no airport railway station, those who want to take the train can use it by going to the closest railway station, which is about 1 km from GOI. You can take a taxi or walk to the station.

4. Car

The last is to use a car rental to explore more places comfortably.

After knowing more information about Goa Airport, you will be clear and know what to do at the airport. If you want to fly to Dabolim immediately, remember to book flight tickets and hotels at Airpaz. Enjoy your trip!


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