Going to Singapore isn’t satisfied if you don’t visit the Amoy Street Food Center located in the CBD (Central Business District) area. One of the hawker centres that were built in 1983 offers good and affordable food. This is what makes this area always crowded at lunch and won the Michelin Bib Gourmand award. The number of stalls available in this area will make you confused to choose it, so several choices are worth a visit.


#01-14 Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles

Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodles

The noodles stall having a solid bowl of soup contains a prawn, pork slices, kidney slices, liver, fish cake slices and lots of fresh minced meat as favourite menu. By only $5, you will get a mouthful of noodles, some ingredients, and soup satisfying.


#01-01 Amoy Street Fried Kway Teow

Amoy Street Fried Kway Teow

Closed on Sunday, the stall boasts a nice texture and good consistency. Menu favourite here is savoury char kway teow and the Kway Teow.

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#01-21 Famous Crispy Curry Puff

Famous Crispy Curry Puff

This is the perfect tea-break snack having the handmade curry puffs. Here you only can order two options available – sardine, and the usual potato filling. Because here is crowded you can come before 3 pm or you’ll run the risk of leaving empty-handed.


#01-07 Grandma Ban Mee

Grandma Ban Mee

This stall offers the springy noodles come with a moderately spicy chilli paste, egg, Ikan Bilis and minced meat having only 3 options (Chilli/ Dry/Soup). For Sup ban mee can you get only $4 completed by ingredients such as mushrooms, black fungus, Ikan bills, and some vegetables?


#01-397 A Noodle Story

A Noodle Story

Here you can taste the contemporary of traditional wanton noodles. Taste Hong Kong-style noodles having thin and springy or cha shu and Japanese-style braised egg. You can get all various all days except on Sunday.


#02-90 Big Bowls Project

Big Bowls Project

For Muslim Traveller this stall can be tried because of Muslim-owned stall that sells Halal poke bowls. Some of the menus such as Big Bowls Project is a 100% the Mentaiko Salmon and the Szechuan Black Bean Salmon can you get only $8.90 and $7.90.


#02-129 Bee Kee Wanton Noodles

Bee Kee Wanton Noodles

It’s one of the unique noodles that you should try because it’s doused with truffle oil topped with fried and steamed wanton, char siew and vegetables. Unfortunately, YO only gets this menu except on weekend, Saturday and Sunday.


# 02-78 Coffee Break

Coffee Break

Take a break by having a cup of coffee in the old stall. Managed by a third-generation hawkerpreneurs offers the innovative and interesting flavour of coffee, tea and toast. One this that you rarely get in others stall is Caramel latte sea salt.


#02-95 Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

Ah Seng (Hai Nam) Coffee

Enjoy your relaxed with a cup of coffee having smell the distinct coffee aroma. The thick coffee having the right balance of sugar and milk can you eat with the kaya toast bread. Another bread can you eat is French toast coated entirely with eggs and toasted over a charcoal fire. You can get it at 5.30 am to 4 pm.

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#02-131 Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee

Ah Tee Ko Ko Mee

Maybe, you will think that it’s like another fishball noodle, but it’s not. It’s because here you only taste the limited noodle menu having Ko Ko Noodles ($3.50 / $4) in two versions, dry or soup, Homemade Ngoh Hiang ($1.50) and Handmade Fishcake ($1). Add chilli because you will know the chilli packs quite a punch.


#02- 126 Gyu Nami

Gyu Nami

Here you can taste Gyu Nami’s rendition of beef donburi with yoghurt sauce. The chef always ensures consistency 100g of wagyu beef in each donburi. Try this menu because it’s delicious.


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