Find the Secrets of Malaysian Dishes at the Tropical Spice Garden Penang

Tropical spice garden Malaysia is a good start to learn about the local culinary right from its basic. If you visit this country often and fall in love with their foods, you really have to spend time checking out what is hidden behind the scene. Not all restaurants let visitors enter their kitchen. So, it is better to explore the tropical spice garden yourself.

History tropical spice garden

Bertram Consolidated Rubber Co Ltd, a British company, founded the tropical spice garden Penang as an agro-tourism project. Then, it is endorsed by the Penang State Government. The garden spreads across 8 acres of land with about 500 living specimens flora and fauna from around the world on its 6 acres.

Besides taking from Malaysia, the indigenous spices at tropical spice garden Penang are brought from Indonesia, Seychelles, Ecuador, Amazon and Tropical America. You won’t only be able to see various plants at tropical spice garden. You can also learn about them through some fun activities.

Tropical spice garden opening hours

The tropical spice garden opens every day from 9 am to 6 pm with the last entry is at 5.15pm. It is possible to explore the garden alone by renting the audio guides available inclusively with the entrance.

If you prefer the live explanation, the real-human guides are also ready at 9 am, 11 am or 1.30pm. Just check your schedule to see whether you can hire the tour guide or simply use the audio recording for more flexible tropical spice garden Penang exploring time.

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Tropical spice garden entrance fee

The admission fee to enter the tropical spice garden is RM25. It has included the guided tour. With this amount of money, you can find various activities to spend with other tour or family members. You can take a part in the hands-on cooking classes with talented home cooks.

You will be able to learn a sort of delectable dishes from the scratch. Not only enjoying the fun cooking time at the tropical spice garden of Penang, you can also have the foods served at The Pavilion for lunch.

If you want to taste other foods out of the cooking class, you can visit tree monkey Penang tropical spice garden which offers dining experience in the heart of nature. This tropical spice garden cafe is the right place for vegetarians because they have a pork-free menu.

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How to get to tropical spice garden Penang

The location tropical spice garden is at Lot 595 Mukim 2, Teluk Bahang Street, Teluk Bahang, George Town, Pinang Island, Malaysia. To go there from the city, you can take bus 101. Just let the driver your destination.

You can also take a taxi from Penang International Airport which is the tropical spice garden nearest airport. Ready to fly and explore tropical spice garden Malaysia? Visit Airpaz to booking tickets at best deals.

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