Finding Hotel Near Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is just about 30 minutes away from Tokyo City. If you want to go to the capital of Japan with peace of mind, you can just leave your stuff at any hotel close to Haneda Airport. It seems much simpler than you look for a room in Tokyo and take your luggage all the way there. Moreover, the transportation options are quite reliable. You can go by train, bus, taxi or even rent a car.

Staying over or looking for the nearest hotel is more recommended if you arrive at the airport too late at night and still have much time to catch the next flight in the morning. Fortunately, you have three choices of the hotel near Haneda Airport. They are:

1. Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Hotel Haneda Airport - Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

It is quite easy to find this hotel because it is directly connected with Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport. The hotel is located on the same floor with the departure lobby for domestic flights.

Depending on your need, there are various types of rooms available for guests from single to luxurious suites. You can even see some of them from the airport runaway. You won’t have to worry about getting late to catch the next flight because the latest information can be seen from the television in the guest rooms. When you want to eat, the restaurant opens from 5 pm to midnight.

2. The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda

Hotel Haneda Airport - The Royal Park Hotel Tokyo Haneda

This 4-star hotel can also be found at Haneda Airport International Terminal, connected directly to the departure lobby on 3F Terminal. Since it is situated to welcome passengers who take international flights, you can figure out what it has to offer. The hotel rooms are cosy, stylish and modern. They also come in various sizes from standard to premium.

The provided facilities are also great. You can find a restaurant, bar, meeting room and also money exchange as well. There is even space called Refresh Room where you can enjoy the facilities for a short time. It is actually a private shower room completed with sofa and TV. Special for those who have transits, there is a transit Hotel located in the departure area.

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3. First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1

Hotel Haneda Airport - First Cabin Haneda Terminal 1

From its name, you can guess where this hotel is located. Yes, it is at Terminal 1 of Haneda Airport. The best part of this hotel is its affordable cabin rooms. They are quite affordable and also have quick access to the airport.

There are two sizes of cabin rooms provided, i.e. business and first class, which are available for 2 hours of use. The rooms are simple. The facilities are also completed with for share including lounge, public baths, shower booths, powder rooms, female lounge and more.

4. Keikyu EX Inn Haneda

Hotel Haneda Airport - Keikyu EX Inn Haneda

After the re-opening last 2017 in autumn, Keikyu Ex Inn Haneda came with the brand new interior. The major renovation has made it cleaner, cosier and more convenient of course.

Located right off the Haneda Airport, this hotel hosts more than 300 guest rooms available in various sizes. The full amenities and free breakfast is provided in each room. This location gives an additional bonus to the guests, i.e. the airport’s great view from the outside. To get there, you just need to go to Tenkubashi Station and get on a shuttle bus service for free.

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Those are just some recommendations of the hotel near and within Haneda Airport. You can still find more options when searching for information on the internet. Booking the hotel room gets much effective and efficient from a website. You have more flexibility when and how to make a reservation. When it comes about flight tickets, the best site to visit is Airpaz. Check it out to see which affordable tickets to buy before heading to Tokyo.


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