5 Best Air Stewardess Uniform in the World

source: cabincrewexcellence.com
source: cabincrewexcellence.com

Everyone who love traveling and want to enjoy the trip more, they don’t only choose the best destination, but also the best airlines to bring them fly to the destinations. Choosing the best airlines will make you enjoy the trip even more.

It must give good services, high-quality aircraft, as well as friendly and pretty stewardesses. The interesting look of the beautiful flight attendants must also be determined by how they dress up, including with the perfect uniforms. Then, what airlines have the best stewardess uniform in the world? Find the top five below.

Thai Airways

source: gayatravel.com

Thai Airways is the fifth airlines with the best stewardess uniform in the world. The design looks traditional with the unique style. Most passengers love their unique uniforms in purple. Besides, the airline also has gotten many airline wards for the great quality of service.

Emirates Airlines

source: cabincrewexcellence.com
source: cabincrewexcellence.com

As one of the top airlines in the world, Emirates must have the recognizable design of stewardess uniforms. The airline has stewardesses from different nationalities but all of them always look elegant and attractive with the alluring uniforms.

Aeroflot Air

source: www.aeroflot.ru
source: www.aeroflot.ru

The stewardesses of Aeroflot Air always wear their red uniforms in perfect design and cut. Along with the beautiful smiles and friendly services, the Russian flight attendants always look pretty and attractive.

Featured by the jauntily-angled ties and elegant caps, every passenger always gets amazed with the look of the Aeroflot Air stewardesses. Based on the survey made by Skyscanner, the uniforms get the third position of best stewardess uniform in the world.

Singapore Airlines

source: ifly.global

The uniforms of the Singapore Airlines’ stewardess have been more than 40 years. They don’t change the design but it is recognized by most passengers as one of the best uniforms of flight attendants in the world.

That is not all; the airline also has won many awards from kids of travel magazines and purism industries, including 17 years awards consecutively as the Best Cabin Crew Service in the world by the Business Traveler Asia-Pacific Awards.

Air France

source: thedesignair.net
source: thedesignair.net

And the number one stewardess uniform rank is for Air France. The uniforms are recognized as the most stylish one in the world, with the perfectly beautiful flight attendants like international models. For the great numbers of passengers who amaze of the uniforms. It is available for sale now.


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