Flight Delayed? No Worries, Here Are 10 Things To Do During a Delay

As a frequent flight passenger, we may experience flight delays especially during the high season. If this thing happens, Airpaz has some solutions for you:

1. Asking for information

You can go to the airport officer and ask for some information. You need to know how long you are going to wait. Also, any flight or airport regulation regarding a delayed flight. Will you get any compensation?

2. Calling your family and colleagues

After getting some information, you need to call or message your family and colleagues to share the information. So they can understand your situation and make some re-arrangement if necessary.

3. Sightseeing

If your flight delay is very long, you can go to the city for sightseeing. Some airports have  train services that will send you directly to the city.

4. Going for a Massage

Maybe you sat too long and your back need some relaxation, you can always choose a massage to relax and refresh you.

5. Chatting with other passengers

Hey, this is not a bad idea. You may find new friends or business partners while chatting with them. Adding new contacts can be very exciting.

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If you like food, some airport restaurants offer you delicious food. Go visit them.  Some credit cards also offer free snacks inside executive lounges. A happy stomach equals a happy passenger.

7. Reading books

Don’t forget to bring books or any reading materials.Gaining new knowledge is important regardless of your age. If you forget to bring them, most airports have a bookstore or newsstand. You can also download an e-book.

8. Taking a walk

Taking a walk is a very simple activity. It moves your body and makes you healthier compared to sitting.

9. Shopping

Do you love shopping? Big airports have lots of shops to do window shopp or even buy some souvenirs for your family. And if you want discounted items, duty-free shop can be a good choice.

10. Bonding with your kids

A delayed flight can be a good time to bond with your kids. You can make some group activities such as singing, playing games or anything – just be sure it doesn’t disturb other passengers. Some airports have designated kids’ play areas for this purpose.

So, enjoy your trip. And if you are interested for cheap flights, you can always visit

Happy Traveling !